Marathon Packing List v 2.0

Download it, print it, adjust it YOUR NEEDS, check it, and definitely save it in a precious place for next time! Delete and add as much as you please!!
I organized it in stages, so it’s both a packing list and a to-do list.

Week before
Prepare playlist
Study the course
Download the app, check all the details
Plan travel/accommodation/race nutrition

Grocery shopping (once in destination)
Salted pretzels
Bread, cookies
Oatmeal, PB
Bottled Water

Day before the marathon
Set what you’ll eat on top of the counter to pre-asses and as a reminder.
Prepare marathon bag (I like to duct tape on the top sometimes in case in breaks!)
Sleeping drops/pills
Phone/Watch charger
Tape (for anything)
Duck tape for shirt letters, scissors, sharpie
Put phone numbers in the back of the bib

Marathon Day – Pre race
Prerace food: power bars, gels, bagels, bananas, whatever
Salt Pills
Wet wipes or Toilet Paper
Trash bags to sit on/wear
Gels to eat before
Gloves, hat, fleece headband
Throwaway warm clothes: sweatshirt, pullover
Thin bag pack to put stuff inside marathon bag
Heat packets for hands/feet
Pen, you always need a pen…

Marathon Day: Race
Pace bracelet (this one is my favorite!)
Playlist/mp3 player/phone
Bib and pins
Hat/visor for rain
GPS watch
Home/hotel keys
Gels (5, 10, 15, 20: four gels), gels flask
Clothes (shoes, hair bands, headband, shirt, bra, shorts/tights, socks, underwear, tshirt)
Heat packets for hands/feet
Wet wipes
Credit card, cash, metrocard
Salt pills
Caffeine pills
Handheld bottle

Marathon Day: Post race (in the checked bag)
extra shirt
warm clothes
cell phone
muscle balm, neosporin

Day after the race
Boston Cremes
NY Times

Go wild and adjust it to your needs!


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