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2014 – Looking back and forward

And there goes another year. It was quite full of experiences. There were a lot of great things, lots of love, friends, big family visits, all exciting, but not all sunny and happy, of course. I think it was one of those years when you’re supposed to grow a lot. Running-wise, it was probably my worst year; I lost motivation and failed miserably (but with dignity!) in most races. I don’t see that as a particularly bad thing, it’s a learning process and we can’t always win them all. And off-the-track, it was amazing. We just can’t have it all, can we? 2013 had been a big year. BIG BIG and busy. I met Juan in January, he moved and we got married by September, I changed jobs, PRed at the Half and got a few AG Wins. Then I got an ulcer and it all went downhill, including my 5th NYCM in a row (a blah 3:49). 2014 started weak…


You can imagine how weak it started that I didn’t even had resolutions or goals. I wrote tips to run in the winter because I was having issues with it myself! I was signed up for the NYC Half and the Boston Marathon and barely run. The cold just got to me and I lost a lot of will. Then, I fell again for the 3rd time in 5 weeks. A mess. I started to fear running. COLD and SCARY: little running. Total Miles: 77

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Juan and I showed up in the Runners World feature: Valentine’s Day “Romance Found on the Run“, and I was Women’s Running Blogger on the Run. But, we moved out of my studio into the penthouse.  I felt like I spent all winter hiding from the cold. I trained little. Very little. Total Miles: 87

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I had a slooow NYC Half but it was quite photogenic, fun, and really well run, progressive-splits run all the way! I was still struggling with motivation and goals. I also had a fun trip to SoulcycleTotal Miles: 105

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I had an ok Scotland 10K, though I had no interest in racing. Soon enough, we shipped to do the Boston Marathon, here are the Saturday pictures, which are awesome, and the Sunday pics, also awesome. And then there was the race (race report here), slow (3:48) and painful but oh so inspiring and uplifting. Glad I was there for the race (not for my legs or ego!). Total Miles: 80

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By now things were looking awful, I hadn’t PRed in a YEAR. A YEAR. So depressing. And I kept struggling with motivation. I decided to stop running completely. I still showed up to the Brooklyn Half Marathon, not knowing if I’ll even run it, and ended up having a great (and slow) time, seems like it’s all about the context for me! Total Miles: 41

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This month was also quite running-free and my parents came to visit so I was pretty entertained and didn’t even notice. Still, I did my 100th race, the Mini 10K, as they wanted to see me race in Central Park. This was literally painfully slow. I did run it with 2 friends but it was so slow, I didn’t even run that slow years ago when I started running! And, a fun picture. I took my parents to Bear Mountain and Connecticut and run a bit there, and a bit in the Fort Lauderdale heat, so cute. Stuff gets bad fast when you don’t run, how do non-runners live like that? Total Miles: 30

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In July, I saw Daphne, an old friend, running, and basically latched onto her. For Dear Life. I started training again. Good, because I was signed up for a few halfs and the NYC Marathon. Total Miles: 111

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Did some wonderful running in the always great Summer Streets, worked and cheered at the NYC Triathlon, then Juan had an awful bike crash in Central Park, which messed up our lives for a couple of months, poor thing. I barely left his side, only to train or work. The running was going fantastic though, fast long runs… who would have thought? Total Miles: 152

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I cheered at the 5th avenue mile and took lots of pictures, here and the pros here. The running was going great until we left for our delayed honeymoon in St Croix, there was no running there (but lots of snorkeling!) Total Miles: 116

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and we came back straight to racing! First, the, Grete’s Great Gallop, in 1:44. Still, slooow, but getting here. The week after, I did the Staten Island Half, in 1:43 (it’s a bit flatter). Consistency and good predictors for the marathon in 3 weeks. Then the week before the marathon, I did a 5 mile race in Central Park, the Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff, in 37:17, average pace of 7:28. Far from a PR. Still. By then it was a year and a half. But feeling GOOD. Total Miles: 132

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November was BUSY. I started it at the NYC Marathon Expo, which was all loads of crazy (even if smaller compared to previous years) and an Under Armour Party. Worked all week and then did the marathon, here is the race report of the #marathornado. I struggled to stay focused (in 3:49) so I just chilled, slowed down and tried to enjoy it. oh, whatever!!!! I ended up in the Asics  homepage, I tried one of those treadmill studios, I kept Juan company at the Rocky Balboa run and got many pictures, and I bought a million of really-cold weather running gear. And I raced some more!! I did the Race to Deliver 4 miler in Central Park, which I enjoyed, and then a 5K on Thanksgiving, where both Juan and I came first on our AG. Winning! November was rock solid! Total Miles: 88

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Seems like the year just picked up at the end! December was great too. I spent .0005 minutes detoxing from Thanksgiving and 2 weeks eating my way through Buenos Aires. Even though I was a bit overweight and slow, I did ok (21:04) in a hot 5K, where my 67 year old mom joined. What a thrill! As soon as I got back to NYC and got a reminder of what last year’s winter tasted like, I got a bit depressed. Somehow, I’ve been running quite a bit in December, even capping the year of with a holiday pictures themed run, and watching the year close with fireworks at the NYRR Midgnight RunTotal Miles: 87

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And there you have it. Though the running was QUITE blah, the rest was wonderful, so I’d say it’s a win! What awaits in 2015? I have no idea, not signed up for anything, thinking about not signing up for NYC Marathon this year, and maybe focusing on the half marathon. I am turning 40 in a few weeks and I am just trying not to push anything. Whatever will happen, WILL happen. Right?

I like to run

I like to run at night, early before work, in the middle of the day and with the sunset.

I love to run in the city, in the countryside, by the beach.

I like to sweat, get soaked in the rain, and get runners’ tan lines.

I like to run for no reason and I like to run to define myself.

I like to tempo, have fun at an easy pace, do mile reps, and run for hours and hours.

I like to come back home ready to keep going with my day and wanting to take a nap and sit out the rest of the day.

I like to run with the bright sun in my face, and with the stars as my running partners.

I like to run with no goals and like to race and get better.

I like to run with friends, with my dad, with my boyfriend, and I like to run alone.

I like to wear as little as possible and I like to wear all my running gear and make it match.

I like to line up at races, pace with people, chase each other, finish races, spectate, and congratulate everyone.

I like to run in cities I don’t know, maybe get lost, get a little worried, and use my running shoes as my escape from anything. I like to enjoy the comfort in the same old familiar route I could run with my eyes closed.

I like to greet friends and new people in my runs, and I like being invisible.

I like to have many running shoes, shorts, singlets and sunglasses. I like that I can run without most of it.

I like running. I love the million different choices and opportunities for challenges and fun.

My new pups: Mizuno Wave Sayonara

Cool looking right?

They fit amazing. I am beyond excited. They are in a fight with the Saucony A5 right now, but these are brand new and rested so…

10 hours later:

okay, just got some info (and woke up!). They are replacing the precisions -not the elixirs (elixirs will be available until January it seems from a thread on RW so buy a few pairs NOW). the sayonara is AMAZING, seamless, super light (around 7 ounces for a size 8 and SUPER narrow in the middle of the shoe and huge in the front. huge. they feel amazing. and light. having a shoegasm! available July 5 for purchase.

4 weeks later:

Well, I’ve used this shoe for every race I’ve done, including a 10k, a 4 miler, and a half marathon. they are amazingly comfortable and I just don’t want to race in another shoe. they have enough cushioning for the ones who are not ready to go to a lighter shoe and this would be a smart transition, but they are very light, wide and comfortable. They’re my go to shoe now. Haven’t run them in trails though, and not sure I’d do most of my mileage in them but they’re a perfect in between and definitely my right hand shoe for races (though I’d probably still wear the TypeA5 for a 5k and under). Love them. Want another pair!

Yes, I am pushing it… on purpose!

A few weeks ago I decided I needed a running-shoe cleanse.
I piled up the ones I don’t use and I know I will never use and decided who would get those.
Done with those.
My favorite pairs, around 15 of them, back to the rack.
And got stock with the “are these too old to run on?” pairs.
My go-to shoe, since the first day I started running were Asics GT21XX series. According to my running log, I’ve put over 4000 miles on these shoes, collectively of course. I always have a few brand new pairs around. When the current one is on around 400 miles, I start breaking in a new pair. They never feel right until they have around 150 miles in them (and these are my go to shoes! can you imagine how weird everything else feels?!?!?!). I think it’s because I also run in sandals/minimalist shoes, that my feet don’t like or need a lot of cushioning…
By the time they’re broken in, I’ve forgotten all about the old pair. So, I found 5 pairs lying around (yes, in a studio apartment, 5 pairs) with all sorts mileage ranging from 550 to 650.
I decided, I will either wear them to the floor or they go.
Of course I can’t let them go, what am I?
The evil Queen of the East?
Don’t think so.
I picked a (lucky) pair and put in in my suitcase for Argentina, two weeks there, around 60 miles, and I guess I can forget about them there. What about the other ones? Decisions, decisions… These are like my babies.
I am wearing them down to the ground. One by one. My first pick, after these past two weeks is up to 720 miles, and they still feel normal. Want to bet how far we can go?

Yes, I am pushing it… on purpose!

A Shoe Meltdown

I’ve been really frustrated with my shoe situation for over a year. That is too long, right?

I blame the VFFs. Since I started using them, every single shoe feels like a brick, and who likes that?
Right now, I have 11 pairs of running shoes (how many do you have?).  Eleven seems like a lot, more than a lot for a NYC apartment.
Let’s divide and conquer:
My top choice: The VFFs! I have the classics (I don’t like all the new ones, they have way too much stuff in the bottom for my taste: not naked enough, yes I AM a snob!). I am extra careful, so I am still increasing mileage in them very slowly: after 14 months I am up to 7 miles. No long runs in them, no racing, and couldn’t wear them much in the cold (even though the injinjis helped). So I needed other shoes for the rest of the week/winter….
The regular choice: My first running shoe was an Asic 2120, and I’ve been running on them since; but I hate them when they are new (brick!). I have a brand new pair of the 2160 waiting to see the light. I also have the DS trainers 13 I got last year before the NYCM. They have almost 200 miles on them and they still feel like concrete to me -and they gave me blisters in the marathon ;-(
The preferred choice: I have three pairs of old Asics 21XXs. I like them because they’re super beat up. They all have over 500 miles in them so they’re starting to “loosen up”. I wear these mostly for long runs and easy runs. I would sleep in them if they weren’t so disgusting.
The specialized choice: I wear my Nike Lunaracers for short races (10K and under); I love that they are so light. But they’re an oven in the summer: blisters! I also really like the Karhus, they are super light and bendy, the closest I have to the VFFs, and I can use them in the trails with no pain and when it’s muddy! But there’s no support and I am too scared to wear them for runs over 8 miles.
But something had to change. I shouldn’t have to put shoes in the oven.
I am still looking for THE shoe I could rely on for marathons and halfs, something closer to the VFFs but with a bit more cushioning…
Now I have three new pairs I can’t wait to get into the rotation!! Hoping for THE one!
Meet the contenders:
I had wanted to try out these shoes since they came out. They were one of the first minimalist shoes out, and still one of the lightests and most minimalist there is. But, unlike the VFF, they LOOK like a shoe so you can wear them in more places (bumpy trails, mud, the gym, etc.). They are so bendy and light it’s ridiculous. It’s VERY EXCITING. I love them already.
This shoe looks like an MBTalmost, but there’s no big heel to strike on so it’s pushing you forward when you walk, per the fulcrum technology. It still feels quite light and might be really helpful to get the foot to break any heel striking habit!
I am in love with this shoe. I attended the “Natural Running Symposium” last week and heard a lot about POSE and comparisons between all differents shoes and running forms. And it seems like this shoe could become my regular long distance option in the future. Ian Adamson (check him out, he’s amazing!!!) fit me the shoe himself. It has these bars in the front you’re basically standing on… it’s a little weird in the beginning. Your heel can’t touch the ground, and it SO makes sense to my VFF addiction! The only thing is that the mesh is quite open so he warned me it would get messy int he trails. I am still really excited.
With a total of 11 shoes, I still have just 1 option for the DC marathon: the DS trainers. I don’t love them but I would not wear a new shoe without more testing, or any of my older Asics.
Hoping to remedy this situation for Chicago/NYC or earlier if possible!!!!

Karhu Racers. Call my feet excited!

I just got into lighter shoes/racers this year and my only pair was the Nike Lunaracers. I said wasbecause it was time for change… yesterday I got my new racers!!!!


Is there anything more exciting in the world than new running shoes? Is there???

I don’t think so!! Hello puppies!

blog post photo

Got them at work and had to put them on right there….  after checking them out for like 20 minutes! They bend like nothing I’ve seen before.

They are the Karhu‘s “Natural Ride” minimalist racers, with fulcrum technology. What’s that, you ask? Read for yourself.

blog post photo

So, I had already run and  I am not going to test-drive them on my 18 miler tomorrow, but I put them back on as soon as I got home. They felt almost like the VFFs, I COULD FEEL THE FLOOR people!!!! I was throwing stuff around and stepping on everything! I couldn’t believe it… and the toebox is so roomy you feel you have nothing on.

Ah, heaven. I really needed to go for a run, but it was 11:30 pm and I was fried. Still, my legs were like “me like, let’s go!“… hhhmmmm… I almost left the apartment without pants on!!! Put some clothes back on, and decided to go grocery shopping, two blocks away, that’s a valid reason, right? Hmmm…. I also run around the hood a bit, my feet were seriously confused “do we really have shoes on”? I see great things in  our future, they’re so ridicuously light and cushiony, how is this even possible??? Am I really awake?? Can’t wait to take them out on a real run. Maybe they’ll debut at my next 4 mile race!


They’re cute too, I think that’s an M for MsRitz? for my Last Name maybe?, I think it’s a good sign…
blog post photo

Karhu is a Finnish company, so check out the Finland flag, which I though was a cute touch (it’s also the colors of the Argeninian flag…)

blog post photo

Are you jealous or what?? I would!!!  😉 Ok, you can borrow then anytime, I am a 10.5!

Happy Running Weekend everybody!!!