Yes, I am pushing it… on purpose!

A few weeks ago I decided I needed a running-shoe cleanse.
I piled up the ones I don’t use and I know I will never use and decided who would get those.
Done with those.
My favorite pairs, around 15 of them, back to the rack.
And got stock with the “are these too old to run on?” pairs.
My go-to shoe, since the first day I started running were Asics GT21XX series. According to my running log, I’ve put over 4000 miles on these shoes, collectively of course. I always have a few brand new pairs around. When the current one is on around 400 miles, I start breaking in a new pair. They never feel right until they have around 150 miles in them (and these are my go to shoes! can you imagine how weird everything else feels?!?!?!). I think it’s because I also run in sandals/minimalist shoes, that my feet don’t like or need a lot of cushioning…
By the time they’re broken in, I’ve forgotten all about the old pair. So, I found 5 pairs lying around (yes, in a studio apartment, 5 pairs) with all sorts mileage ranging from 550 to 650.
I decided, I will either wear them to the floor or they go.
Of course I can’t let them go, what am I?
The evil Queen of the East?
Don’t think so.
I picked a (lucky) pair and put in in my suitcase for Argentina, two weeks there, around 60 miles, and I guess I can forget about them there. What about the other ones? Decisions, decisions… These are like my babies.
I am wearing them down to the ground. One by one. My first pick, after these past two weeks is up to 720 miles, and they still feel normal. Want to bet how far we can go?

Yes, I am pushing it… on purpose!

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