My new pups: Mizuno Wave Sayonara

Cool looking right?

They fit amazing. I am beyond excited. They are in a fight with the Saucony A5 right now, but these are brand new and rested so…

10 hours later:

okay, just got some info (and woke up!). They are replacing the precisions -not the elixirs (elixirs will be available until January it seems from a thread on RW so buy a few pairs NOW). the sayonara is AMAZING, seamless, super light (around 7 ounces for a size 8 and SUPER narrow in the middle of the shoe and huge in the front. huge. they feel amazing. and light. having a shoegasm! available July 5 for purchase.

4 weeks later:

Well, I’ve used this shoe for every race I’ve done, including a 10k, a 4 miler, and a half marathon. they are amazingly comfortable and I just don’t want to race in another shoe. they have enough cushioning for the ones who are not ready to go to a lighter shoe and this would be a smart transition, but they are very light, wide and comfortable. They’re my go to shoe now. Haven’t run them in trails though, and not sure I’d do most of my mileage in them but they’re a perfect in between and definitely my right hand shoe for races (though I’d probably still wear the TypeA5 for a 5k and under). Love them. Want another pair!

11 thoughts on “My new pups: Mizuno Wave Sayonara

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  3. i am about to recieve these shoes to test them for a local running store, any recommondation for what types of runs i should wear them for? EX: tempo, fartlek, intervals, long runs, races


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