Karhu Racers. Call my feet excited!

I just got into lighter shoes/racers this year and my only pair was the Nike Lunaracers. I said wasbecause it was time for change… yesterday I got my new racers!!!!


Is there anything more exciting in the world than new running shoes? Is there???

I don’t think so!! Hello puppies!

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Got them at work and had to put them on right there….  after checking them out for like 20 minutes! They bend like nothing I’ve seen before.

They are the Karhu‘s “Natural Ride” minimalist racers, with fulcrum technology. What’s that, you ask? Read for yourself.

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So, I had already run and  I am not going to test-drive them on my 18 miler tomorrow, but I put them back on as soon as I got home. They felt almost like the VFFs, I COULD FEEL THE FLOOR people!!!! I was throwing stuff around and stepping on everything! I couldn’t believe it… and the toebox is so roomy you feel you have nothing on.

Ah, heaven. I really needed to go for a run, but it was 11:30 pm and I was fried. Still, my legs were like “me like, let’s go!“… hhhmmmm… I almost left the apartment without pants on!!! Put some clothes back on, and decided to go grocery shopping, two blocks away, that’s a valid reason, right? Hmmm…. I also run around the hood a bit, my feet were seriously confused “do we really have shoes on”? I see great things in  our future, they’re so ridicuously light and cushiony, how is this even possible??? Am I really awake?? Can’t wait to take them out on a real run. Maybe they’ll debut at my next 4 mile race!


They’re cute too, I think that’s an M for MsRitz? for my Last Name maybe?, I think it’s a good sign…
blog post photo

Karhu is a Finnish company, so check out the Finland flag, which I though was a cute touch (it’s also the colors of the Argeninian flag…)

blog post photo

Are you jealous or what?? I would!!!  😉 Ok, you can borrow then anytime, I am a 10.5!

Happy Running Weekend everybody!!!

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