Over-preparing for the winter

I am getting ready for Wintergeddon! The cold last winter just zapped all running fun out of me, so this time I am going in READY. A few weeks ago I started buying all the super-technical cold weather gear you can think of. When you’ve been running for over 10 years, you amass an insane amount of running crap that is almost impossible to control, or remember, or even store (in a NY apartment). I must have about 40 long sleeves I like but  I always wear the two or three on the top of the piles. Sometimes I turn the pile upside down, just so the other stuff doesn’t feel forgotten. But you forget. And then, with so much stuff, you don’t buy anything new and/or anything specific. Add to that my always present need to wear as little possible, and you can see why I am always cold. Also, for some reason, my body doesn’t respond well to cold. When it’s 110, I am ok, I can run, I might even PR, REALLY. When it’s under 30, not only my body freezes but my brain does too. I become a freaking solid emotionless robot that has only one goal: to go indoors and never go out again. The cold didn’t use to bother me this much, but it’s getting old. It’s just depressing me and it’s only November. I am not sure how many more winters I have in NYC at this point. Juan, sorry you just got here, we gotta go!

Anyway, so this year I wound’t have ANY EXCUSES, I set off to get subzero stuff.

I started with the sugoi subzero tights.  They have midzero tights (for when it’s 30) and subzero. I got those. They’re like a wetsuit (though not as tight as compression tights, I can’t handle all that mess putting them on, also they break my nails!!) so no air in! I wore them last week when it was 13 degrees and omg, my legs were hot!! I also went to under armour and got their new cold gear, INFRARED!! hahaha, hot name! Juan had a few of those shirts (ehem, base layers!) and I had tried them on last winter, they are great. I got a super cute base layer and wore it last year. I was TOO HOT. Perfect. I also got their infrared hot but it failed to cover my ears… it’s cute though so I’ll wear it with a fleece headband under it.

2014-11-16 15.51.12

This weekend we went to icebreaker and got those merino wool shirts. The concept is strange, they don’t smell and they’re super warm. They don’t smell? I smell on ANYTHING! We shall see!

2014-11-23 17.50.13

One more thing I am trying, this adidas heart rate monitor that goes into the bra. I’ve been using a garmin HRM for 6 years, and I always wear it without the chest strap. I just slide into the bra. I do chafe a lot though. We’ll see if this is the answer to all my prayers screaming. Can’t wait to try it!

2014-11-06 15.30.04will report back if these things made it impossible for me to have a good excuse in the next few freezing days out. For now, I am escaping to the hot weather as a defense mechanism!

Mile High Run Club Giveaway: our TEN winners!

And the three winners of the Mile High Run Club giveaway, as selected by the random thing where I just push a magic button, are…


mhrc mile high run club

Congrats!! Please email me ASAP and I’ll give you a code to sign up for a class. HURRY, codes expire on 12/31!

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Tiny Race Report: NYRR’s Race To Deliver 4 miler

Sunday’s race was easy-peasy. When does a race feel like that? I have been running very little and quite slow since the marathon so I think I was ready to bust out a bit. I’ve been doing about 15 to 20 miles for the last 2-3 weeks since the marathon. The 4 mile course in Central Park is usually quite hilly but I’ve done it SOOO many times, I just don’t get scared anymore and go on autopilot for those races.

2014-11-21 20.48.01

His and Hers!

Sunday morning was 40 degrees!!! yey. We had a few days of 20s and 30s that week so 40 was quite exciting, and pretty much, the perfect running situation. We run to the start from home (Juan was running too) with an extra layer, but I still always dread waiting in the corral for 15 minutes freezing. But it wouldn’t be so. I was actually quite comfortable in singlet and short tights. Go figure. On the other hand 80% of the people were wearing jackets, long tights and what not. TELL ME WHY!

The ambiance was fantastic. I was in the back of the blue corral (I always go as far back as possible) and everyone was having a good time.When people are cold and about to start a race, it’s quite easy to be friendly, we’re all chatty and ready to hug everyone! Until the national anthem of course. That’s when, if there’s still someone chatting we all give them nasty looks until they stops. We’re a funny bunch runners. I love it.

I had done the 5 miler the week before the marathon in 7:28 pace so I assumed I’d be around 7:20 average pace, which means opening with a slow 7:40 mile.

We took off. Mile 1 is the worst. It’s crowded and there’s Cat Hill. I promised to go slow. Ha, I DID. Mile 1 was 7:49! I obviously couldn’t do any math but assumed this was awfully slow. Mile 2 is the only flattish area for you to get some speed going before the mess in the last two miles to I set on a rhythm and tried to pick it up a bit: 7:13. okay, not all hope is lost, which is something I think waaay too often in races! Mile 2: 7:13. Okay! By then, a friend of mine, who I knew was running passes by, actually, it was more like at 1.5 miles. She did fantastic on the marathon (like 10 mins faster than me) so I was sure I had to make sure and stay behind her. I knew that if I passed her, it’s because I was going too fast. But, Martina, oh god, was not running tangents (TELL ME WHY) so we traded the lead for a bit, for about a mile when I think she faded a bit (Mile 3, slooow 7:32) because I didn’t see her again. It’s amazing how I can really focus on the pacing on these short races. Once I got to half mile to go, I just went for it, usually right after the reservoir, I count all the turns, focus on the tangents and put my hit on someone about 5 meters ahead of me. Mile 4 was 6:59. 

See I barely bother anymore to even look at my stats on a  screen? Ugh.  PS: you are not dizzy, it IS fuzzy.

See I barely bother anymore to even look at my stats on a screen? Ugh.
PS: you are not dizzy, it IS fuzzy.

It was good to feel I could get faster towards the end but I didn’t have any of the pep in my legs I had the week before the marathon. I guess I still have some marathon on my legs 3 weeks later. I still managed to do better (given my AG was 66.72% on Sunday and it was 66.70% 4 weeks ago, okay, pretty much exactly the same!!)


Stats Time:

Finish time: 29:37 Average Pace: 7:25

Previous PR: 28:00. From: April, 2013

Age Grading: 66.72%

Overall Place: 579 of 5302

Gender Place: 102 of 3015

Age Place: 15 of 905

Official NYRR Race to deliver results and pictures

As soon as I finished, I saw John up ahead. John is 72, he placed 3rd in his AG and we seem to be doing the same finish times, which I love!!! Martina came by a bit after and we grabbed some water and went to find Juan by bagagge so we could layer up and run a bit more sloooowly. I already run today (hey, it’s 62 degrees!!) and felt fantastic! Not sure I left it all out there yesterday but I’ll be glad if there’s anything left in my legs for Thursday’s Turkey Trot!!!


Guess my Finish at the 4 Miler this weekend and the Turkey Trot 5K next week!

Just like we did before every single race I’ve done in the last two years,  it’s time to place your bets again… There is always someone who hits it right in the head! (always unbelievable! look at this one: guesses here, winner here). Pick a finish time for each distance and write in the comments below.

As usual, there’s gonna be PRIZES… you can 1 pick from these. there’ll be a winner for each race result win!

  • a clip-on running metronome
  • a  brooks flat vapur water bottle
  • BodyGlide minis (set of 5)
  • Craft Compression socks, white, M
  • Zensah Compression socks, black M
  • Injinji socks, Lightweight ultra thin performance, mini crew, gray, M
  • TCKSports socks, Topo and Talus, grayishs, size M
  • a NYC Marathon rain (knee-length, orange and white) poncho

Ok, the data…

Recent: Grete’s Great Gallop on October 5th in 1:44. Staten Island Half on October 12th in 1:43. NYC Marathon in 3:49.

My guess:

  • Race To Deliver 4 Miler in Central Park on Sunday, the park rolling hills, you know. My last 4 Miler was in April too, at 28:00 and it’s also my best (Pace was 7:00). I am gonna guess around 28:40. Deadline for the 4 miler guess is Saturday at 8 pm

Prizes shipped only within the US, but you can have me send it to someone in the US.  / Comments with guesses will only count if they are posted here (not on facebook, not on runnersworld.com, HERE)  / If there are two guesses with the exact same time, the first one wins.

#RockyBalboaRun 5k and 10k in Philly today: pictures!!

Last year, If I don’t remember wrong, a few hardcore Rocky fans set out to run the same streets Rocky run in the movie, which ended up being like a lot of miles for the average Rocky fan (like over 30 miles, I should really check!). Or was that the year before last? I don’t know. I only slept 3 hours!
Anyway, long story short, this year they turned it into a real mega-production race with a ridiculously amazing medal, my husband, who has a bunch or Ironman medals, couldn’t even…. So, Philly for the day, a 10k, visit with all friends, and a lot of coffee!
Seriously, check these pictures out and you’ll see it was a blast. Juan kept telling me: “I don’t know if I should run or punch someone”, he was so so pumped up!! Glad he stuck to the running!!!

A Class on a Treadmill, at Mile High Run Club (plus a GIVEAWAY for 10 winners!)

Everyone that knows me, knows I don’t do classes, I hate treadmills (haven’t been on one in 4 years, when I flew off it), I hate working out, more so if it’s indoors. Not doing it. Remember when I tried spinning and hated it so much??? Ugh, I still shudder, ugh.

Enter the new thing in NYC, the “treadmill studios”. What? Yeah. There was an article in the NY  Times (so you know it’s serious) called Happily Going Nowhere fast. Interesting, I thought. As in: no way. Ms. Warner’s studio (the Mile High Run Club, there’s a few others) provides an indoor service for which busy New Yorkers seem to be desperate: a high-intensity interval workout in 45 minutes. The 4,000-square-foot space has ample room for 30 Woodway treadmills, which have a running surface like tank treads that is supposed to mimic the feel of trail running.

OMG. NO. SO NOT. Come on, it is a GYM, people!!! Just go outside. I know, I know, not everyone hates gyms as much as I do. But EVERYTHING in me just goes against the concept. Even if I hate the weather from October to May, I still can’t consider working out indoors a possibility, but I got an invite to try the Mile High Run Club (from our friends at Finish Line!) and, for the sake of ridiculous or investigation, I accepted. I managed to drag Juan with me, and met up Simon (an awesome Whippet team mate there who I LOVE) which made it a lot less scary.

mhrc mile high run club nyc treadmill studio class (8)

The Mile High Run Club, looks like a regular studio, nice, clean, with cute showers and lockers and I have to say, the name is genius. They have two types of classes. The Dash 28 and the Distance. I had no idea about any of that, but we were invited to the Dash28 Run.

We get there and there’s about 15-20 people, we change, we chat, we head in, voila!

mhrc mile high run club nyc treadmill studio class (7)

I had tried one of those Woodways before, the Eco Mill, that is curved up and doesn’t use electricity and is self-propelled. These were the flat version, but probably still better than your regular gym treadmill.

Soon, Debora, our Coach but also Founder of the MHRC, starts the class. She’s super nice! There’s low colored lights that keep changing and music. Nothing crazy loud but fun. And soon she says we’re gonna warm up. Oh God. Jumping Jacks and the rest is a messy blur. We did stuff like that for a few minutes and I remember being exhausted by the time we had to get up on the treadmill -I am toast. Can I just tell her I did the marathon a week ago and I am still exhausted and bail out??? coward, stay there!!!!

We get on the treadmills and she explains we’re going to warm up first. (I was sweating profusely already from the warm up). The treadmill stays on 1 incline for the easy parts. We then pick our intensity level from a little cheat chart there is on every machine, super easy, and when she says it’s lap one, you crank up the incline to 6 or what she says and start on your level one, whatever that is.

mhrc mile high run club nyc treadmill studio class (1)

Then she counts down, you reduce the speed again and the incline, slowrun for a bit, and then again up, to your level 2, whatever that is!

I really liked that you could manage your intensity level, which means you can head to the class with any friend and “workout together” even if you’re really not the same speed. Awesome. What I didn’t like: the treadmills shook a LOT!!!! I asked Debora if they all did that, and yes, I could see everyone was shaking. For someone like me, who hates treadmills, and quite probably I am was scared to death because I fell off one 4 years ago and broke some bones, and haven’t been on once since then, this was terrifying. I held onto the front bars the whole session. There goes my form!!!! Debora did say they were coming that day to affix them to the floor or something, so I’d definitely check back with them before I do this again.

Now, if you know me, you know I really HATE treadmills (hey, FALL, and 4 YEARS!!!) so I was ready to HATE HATE this. And you know, when I went to Soulcycle, I really hated it. Really hated it. Now, this felt very different. For once, my heart rate was high at all times. YEY. Like 180s and 190s. Second, I was running hard and up and because I was being told what to do, I didn’t worry much about keeping up pace (the machine does it for you!) or felt as hard as when  you tryi to pace yourself outdoors. I don’t know that this would become something I’d do (at $34 dollars a class, I’d definitely would think about it) a lot of but I think, during the winter months, sometimes I just really really want to sweat a lot, and wear little clothes, you know? I can definitely see this as something I’d do with my friends, instead of happy hour! Because I can go in there with ANY of my friends, not just the ones that are about the same speed as me or training for the same distance.

I really did like that I was pouring in 5 minutes. I was sweating the whole classe!! You can make the workout as hard or easy as you want! I also liked that Juan was by me and we kept upping our numbers to beat each other, ha, best motivation ever!!!

mhrc mile high run club nyc treadmill studio class (4) mhrc mile high run club nyc treadmill studio class (2) mhrc mile high run club nyc treadmill studio class (3)

mhrc mile high run club nyc treadmill studio class (5)

After we finished all 4 intervals, I was dizzy and thought that would have thrown up if I had eaten anything that morning. I needed a minute. Oh and then more drills (like burpees and other “amazing” things) and some stretching. Loved the drills part too. She was ON POINT. And you know I am a little snob-drill!!

The total mileage was about 3:xx, and my heart rate was high up! I was so hungry after!!! Those drills, some with kettle bells, were a bit murderous for me, but so happy I didn’t run out!!!

mhrc mile high run club nyc treadmill studio class (6)

That’s the class after the session, there were smoothies and chia bars and coffee! YEY, I needed food and a shower FAST!

So, there’s my take. It’s interesting and I think I’d definitely go back, mostly in the winter. And I think it’s the best way to get “that”friend of yours who is not so sure they want to run yet, to try running! Sometimes a treadmill is less scary than the road and you can be right by their side ;-)

And the Giveaway part!

You know we love to do a giveaway or two a week, so, here’s an awesome one! If you’re not following this blog, do so you don’t miss out on these opportunities! I’ll be selecting 10 winners to get a free class, to use before December 31st, randomly!

All you have to do to enter for a chance to win ONE of the TEN free classes. Each one of these gives you one shot at a win!

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I’ll pick TEN winners randomly on November 24th, at noon. Good Luck!

KT Tape rolls: our 3 giveaway winners!

And the three winners of the KT Tape rolls giveaway, as selected by the random thing where I just push a magic button, are…



2014-11-10 16.34.27

Congrats!! Please email me your name, postal address and color preference and they’ll be shipped to you ASAP!

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