If you need the Brooklyn Half elevation profile, it’s here

if you’re looking for details and tips on how to run the Brooklyn Half, check out the post linked here 😉 – the post below is old so check out the one here for a lot more stuff (including race strategy, a custom pace bracelet, weather data and tips on the race)

2013-05-17 10.10.04

Full run details are here, with more details on the elevation profileJust select Elevation in the menu on the left where it says Select Metric. Let’s see if you can figure out where I took my gel! 😉

2013 Race Report, with a lot of the race details and review is here.

More here: 2014 NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon Or Here: 2012 Brooklyn Half: IT IS WHAT IT IS (a fun and scary ride?)

Also, as I just prepped this year’s course mile splits, here is what I have: Green is DOWNHILL (fast); PINK is UPHILL (slow!), and Yellow is FLAT (you got this!). So you won’t be surprised!

airbnb brooklyn course details and elevation

and how I structured my miles… obvs this will be determined by the race day weather, but so you get an idea:

bk half pacing strategy

Questions? lmk!


9 thoughts on “If you need the Brooklyn Half elevation profile, it’s here

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  2. jeez, you have a moto-actv! how’s that working for you? and does it have some kind of “back home” function that will point you back to the place you started?


    • hi there, I love it!!!!!! love it so much I already have two more as they’ve discontinued them. gets signal much faster than all the other ones, has playlists, tells me my splits by the earpiece, big numbers, all fabulous!


  3. yeah, i heard it was discontinued. pitty. now they’re going for a full-on smartwatch it seems. still, the one thing i’m looking for and what most watches appear to be missing is a way to get back to my house/car/hotel/starting point. my garmin 305 shows a trace and so i can trace back to the starting point. some have an arrow that points in the direction of the starting point, which is nice too, but not as nice as the trace. i was wondering what the motoactv had in this area 🙂


    • you know… I had tried that on the 405 and never really figured it out (or it didn’t work) once on a trail ultra I got lost in the woods, and luckily I have never needed that help on the moto, might try it soon and see if I can find it!


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