Friday at *work* picture

That’s me, trying really hard to work…

blog post photo

Yeah, I dress like that to work. I know what you’re thinking… “she’s 35 and wearing jeggins to work!! the nerve!!“. And I swear for a whole year I kept thinking how stoopid jeggins where, until I got a pair on. They’re going to have to extirpate this one out of me. I might even wear them to the park as running tights in the winter.  I don’t care!
Anyway, my office is a loft, so we’re all together in a big high-ceiling-lotsawindows room. All together. That park in the back is one the most amazing places in NYC: Madison Square ParkShake Shack is in there. Enough said.
My view

blog post photo

You ready for an up-close?

blog post photo

My desk is a mess, I know. Shut up. I don’t need to hear it.

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