Sweat / THE best fuel ever (no, it’s not Nutella)

Our long run this weekend was pretty uneventful compared to last week’s, but it was still great! We did 18 miles in the trails at a pretty good pace. It was a nice day, and I was pretty excited as I was going to do the whole run on a new energy gel I found. I tried it out last weekend but this would be the 18-mile test. I am determined to figure out a fool proof nutrition system that works perfectly…

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The deal with Chocolate 9 is that it has NO SUGAR, no preservatives or stuff like that, which are usually the things messing up my stomach (mostly when it’s hot). And as it is basically agave and chocolate, it has a low glycemic index, so there’s no sugar spike and then there is no sugar crash (it’s also vegan and gluten free if you’re into that). I decided to try it mostly because I really feel the sugar lows and also because it reads: “Belgian Style Dark Gourmet Chocolate“. Seriously, how can you resist THAT?

To start, it’s delicious. Like, is this really an energy gel??? I’d put this thing on top my flan!!! But I was a bit concerned because it’s only 70 calories (compared to 100 or 150 in the other gels), so I figured I’d have to bring an extra gel, which was ok because it’s thinner and also lighter than my other gels. It’s really flat so it fits anywhere. Check it out:

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blog post photo

Luckily, I never needed the extra gel. I never felt the sugar spike (or the crash). It’s really sweet, but it gave me something to look forward to while the miles piled on. If you want to try it out, they’ll send you a free sample (that’s how I got into it!), link here.

The other major key to fine tune my fueling plan is electrolytes so I will be trying the S-Caps on this week’s 20 miler. Not sure why, but I was sweating insanely on Saturday; it was so bad my black shorts and sports bra where almost white with salt. I had never seen anything like that. It wasn’t even that hot… It’s still a mystery to me how much salt I should be consuming, but I had obviously had too much as I woke up parched the night before. At least I can now tell the signs of dehydration! Also, I had SO much dry salt on my body, I was chaffing from it. RIDICULOUS. This had never happened before, not even during a marathon!

The good thing is that I have found the perfect headband. I usually sweat like a maniac. Add to that the sun block in my forehead and two seconds later I can’t see. I have contacts, so I can’t be rubbing my eyes. If I get sweat (+salt/sunblock) in my eyes, I am done. The run is over. I would have to feel my way home. Pathetic. And I have about… 30 headbands…? Besides running, my other sport is headband collecting!

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They can be too tight/lose, too thin/thick, uh, it’s impossible. So, in order to expand my collection I decided to try the Halo Headbands: OMG, I LOVE THEM. I wore the visor version this Saturday and the regular headband in last week’s long run. They have these “seal” on the inside to move the sweat out of your face once the headband is soaked, which also makes the thing stay completely put during the whole run. Love it: this is the stuff sweaty people dream about!!!

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I am happy I got some things figured out. I needed a visor: my head gets too hot in a hat, so this one really did the trick.

All in all a very productive run in the “long run as a dress/fuel rehearsal” department. We all know how every little thing can totally throw your big day off!

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