Off to San Francisco (for the Nike Women’s Marathon)

Rush/Rush/Rush/OutofOffice/Pack/Organize/Realize everything I forgot/Try to repack/Unpack/Repack/Car service/Boarding Pass/Take the toiletries out/Take the netbook out/Shoes off/Gate Clearance/We sit and wait/We board/We sit and wait… I starve/I get bored…

I could do all of this with my eyes closed. Well, I wish I could. I don’t like travelling. Actually, I hate travelling.

But I love getting there

So I will be working at the Nike Women’s Marathon. Who’s coming?? I’m staying in Union Square, close to the start, off for my long run Friday afternoon as I won’t have time over the weekend, assuming I do have time Friday! Maybe the Golden Gate Bridge, or Golden Gate Park, we’ll see… Hopefully one or two of my coworkers will join me in the adventure!

Saturday, there’s coaches meetings, then a run, then I will be at the expo from 1 to 3 (come say Hi at the Team in Training table if you’re around!), then our Inspiration Dinner and stuff. Sunday, we’ll be at the race. All Day! Then the Victory Party. And then I get back on Monday night!

This is great experience for me to see what we do come race day, how we set it all up, all the logistics involved and what is needed. I didn’t have anything to do with this event, but I was just happy to be invited and seeing how things come together will help me grow in my position, so I am pretty excited to learn and join in the fun. If you’re around, definitely let me know! 

Let’s hope all goes well, or…

just kidding!!!

Off to San Francisco (for the Nike Women’s Marathon)

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