(me) In the Daily News…

I wasn’t lying, I am IN the paper, see???

Hahaha, just kidding, I have the clips below!

Yes, those are pictures of Kara and Scott in my office, and both are signed! 

Anyway, not sure if you can see up there, but there’s three pictures of me in those 2 pages. It was really surreal to open the paper and see that.

I got the paper before I got on the train (it’s literally a 9 minute ride) and the guy sitting accross from me, reading the same paper, kept staring… yeah, a bit weird… but I never blushed!!!

So, here are the three pages. First, the cover of the insert:

I love that my name is there as if people would think “ah, lets see what EM has to say about this!” Hahahaha!! Fiiiiiine, it’s pretty neat!

Here is the inside: 

And the last page, hugging all 4 other boro runners, in Central Park:

Here is the post from the day we did this shoot a month ago.

Sooo, in case you wanted to read the little interview up there: it’s here:

I kinda love that picture (and got lots of compliments on it), because it is SOOO photoshopped!!


Anyway, I got a lot of requests for autographs today (so embarrassing), lots of calls, emails, and congratulations, which is always amazing. I would assume everyone is sick of seeing me everywhere (I am almost there!!) but people are SOOO nice… which is something shocking when you’re a bit embarrassed. Well, let me know what you think! Hope you like!!!


(me) In the Daily News…

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