And now…? (Do you need goals?)

Do I need goals? Mmm, not really…

But right after a race, and even sometimes in the last mile of a race (I know, I know, I am an anxious girl!) I like to start looking ahead… and fantasizing, and planning.

Just one thing at a time though!

With a short and slow 2 month training, post injury, the NYC Half turned out quite satisfactory.

This is where I was mid February (from this post):

Instead of re-injuring myself constantly for getting back on the horse too soon and too fast, I had set some rules mid January, when I started back up, to keep me constrained. No more than 20 (25?) miles a week (until NYC Half mid-March) and no runs longer than 10 miles. Ok, so I’ve slipped a little (I did 12 yesterday, and 30 this week, eeek!) but it was still a good idea to focus on short and right (form-wise) instead of long and whatever. One month in, I am feeling very comfortable with where things are in such little time. I did amazing hill sprints this week. Not my fastest, but really strong.

This was the first time I focused on short and strong. I run mostly on dirt this whole time, and every workout was either hilly or just hills. I love hills. Have I said that enough?

It worked. I’m planning to stick with it then since it seems like I won’t be marathoning this Spring ( though that’s always up for a last minute change of plans, of course!)

So I instantly thought, ANOTHER HALF! Easy:

–          Brooklyn Half, May 19

–          ODDisey Half, May 26

Let’s shoot for a PR in Brooklyn!!!!! Of course coming off such a great NYC Half it’s easy to dream big and plan crazy (and time to watch out too!).

There’s a bunch of other shorter races in my schedule, which is the only way I’ll do speedwork, but I am feeling good about April-to-June, when all the short and fun stuff happens. My thing is, with so many big things happening, I tend to focus on just the next one. For now, it’s my Birthday this Friday (and weekend!!!), that’s all I am excited about now. Next week, I am going to Hawaii, for a week, working for 4 days for Team in Training, fun for 3! Then, going to Boston as support and to cheer… The rest, will get figured out by end of April, but I’ll keep running (and racing, and writing) in between!!! 

And now…? (Do you need goals?)

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