751 miles 
751 miles of smiles 
751 miles of smiles since my last birthday

And so many more amazing things. Of course nobody’s life is ever perfect, but I felt truly happy when I woke up this morning. I am close to 40 and not feeling any doubts about how much better it is gonna get. It keeps getting better and better every year!!

I don’t usually do the new year resolutions things, the bucket list thing, I am not one for setting myself up to achieve stuff. 
But if I had to check with my last year’s version of me, I think she’d be ok about where things went!

Beyond the miles, a lot happened since then.. Well, SO many things have changed since (minus my rent-stabilized, park-adjacent, Upper East Side apartment that I am never giving up!)

I PRed in the marathon (3:37) right after my bday; I  represented my boro in the NYC Marathon; I changed industries and found a fabulous job with the largest and most succesful endurance sports training program in the world; Did a brutal 50K; I made new friends; I got certified as a Biomechanics coach; got involved with Girls on the Run; met a lot of the most amazing pro runners and even toured an Olympian thru my park; was profiled in a bunch of papers and magazines, including Women’s Running and the Daily News; had many amazing times with my old friends and family; traveled; ate donuts, cupcakes and lots of cows; I raced all over the place; I raced in a tutu; I got amazing presents and surprises; got to select NYC’s best runners for our “oscars”; got selected for a few commercials for running stuff; and test out a few brands; but mostly, the best thing is that I got share all that time with very special people who are truly dear to me and have brought in so much into my life.

I am not up to setting goals for this year. I’ll let the universe decide. It’s much funner this way. I really believe that if you trust the process and smile to the universe, it’ll smile right back at you.
And, it’s not like I can’t say it hasn’t worked so far!


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