NYCM 2013 winners (minus me!) #INGNYM #nycmarathon

More to come soon but these are just five pictures from the media conference with the winners. I managed to get pictures with Greoffrey Mutai and Priscah Jeptoo. We had a chat with Tatiana and she’s quite the overachiever… More soon I promise!!

3 thoughts on “NYCM 2013 winners (minus me!) #INGNYM #nycmarathon

  1. I vote Elizabeth for most awesome running blogger! OK I have a ton of thoughts looking at this. One, those are the recovery boots I always use at Athlete Recovery Center up in Piermont…they rock. Two, I am glad you posed with the big shoe on your head. And it reminded me that in Brooklyn there were these 2 ladies each holding a giant running shoe…that was so funny. Wonder who they were and how they got those? Three, um I’m losing track of what I was going to say…yeah I completely forgot. My brain is still mush after Sunday, but thanks for blogging!


    • Thanks Mark!!! You’re so nice!!! That shoe smelled funky, I wonder who put their feet in there!!!! I saw those two women!!!!!! We’re all mush after sunday, but we’re supposed to, right?


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