We are shipping up to Boston…!!!

it’s a song… quite a good one for your marathon playlist I would say… and I think I am running myself a marathon on Monday…

You might know by now that I am in NO shape to run a marathon, or even a half! I haven’t trained, I haven’t done more than 1 long run since the NYCM in early November, and since I have logged a miserable amount of miles, so … why am I going? Well, I wasn’t thinking I’d do Boston a second time, even though I really enjoyed my 2010 Boston. I think it’s a race that is cool to do once, but after what happened a year ago, I had to find a way to shake the anger off. I was really really really upset, and decided I’d sign up come September. I kept my word, but I wished I had taken the training seriously. I am just really not feeling the marathon distance anymore. I am not loving the long runs (mostly in the cold winter we had) and mostly, I have decided to move away from the full distance. Of course I DID sign up for NYCM 2015 (I am a walking disaster that can’t resist!!!!!!!) but my plan is to just run it…

Anyway, I realized today how amazing it’d be to have a great marathon on Monday. I kept pouring over every up and down and grade and length and steepness of the course and realized it’s a great great great course to run on… if you have trained!!!!! I really got upset that I’d be wasting it. And, not being in marathon shape means I might be suffering a bit and not really enjoying the experience as I would if I had a nice trained pair of legs. Let me write this so I can learn this lesson for the next time… I am a bit sad and upset with myself right now. I am wasting a precious opportunity and doing myself harm for no reason. I know I should have trained, or I shouldn’t be going now. Coulda Woulda Shoulda. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

Changing the vibe a bit… I got some cool stuff online:

boston marathon race gear

new boston marathon race gear

The jacket was SOOOOOO freaking cute, but ENORMOUS. It got a Small (there was no xs) and it was HUGE. like, it fit Juan… GR. The same with the shirt, which was cute. the singlet OMG, it’s AMAZING, it’s SO hot… I love the back…

boston marathon singlet

I am sure I’ll find more cool stuff at the expo. Last Boston I run, I SWEAR, so I might as well get some cute stuff, IF IT FITS!!!!

Then… I just sorta did my nails, they ARE NOT FINISHED YET, still need to fix them and put a top coat (but it’s a good time to post… so…)

2014 boston marathon nail art

Now I am going to pack everything in my fridge, in my kitchen, and all my clothes and running shoes and should be ready to go in 2 days. Like I am moving to Boston. I have no idea how I ever did a race in Berlin. I have a packing list curated over the years and I still stress about this and need to bring one of everything (or two if colors can be an issue…!). Okay, if you see me, make sure I am not stressing about how much Monday is gonna hurt and slap me if I am. See you on the other side. Hopefully.

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7 thoughts on “We are shipping up to Boston…!!!

  1. Those nails are awesome! Haha I’m a disaster when it comes to painting my own. I have the same plan as you when it comes to running the NYCM 2015, no pressure, just run and enjoy the experience. I’ll be volunteering for NYC 2014 at the sign up though so I’m pretty pumped to see what it’s all about since it will be my first time at the event. Good luck! =D


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