What happens (FAST) when don’t run for days/weeks

I figured I’d put on weight, but that is really all I thought about. What would happen…?

This is my mileage for the last two months: </

  • Week of April 28th: 10 miles
  • Week of May 5th: 10.2 (Scotland 10K and 4 miles)
  • Week of May 12th: 13.1 (Brooklyn Half)
  • Week of May 19th: zero miles
  • Week of May 26th: zero miles
  •              May – 23.3 miles total
  • Week of June 2nd: zero miles
  • Week of June 9th: 6.2 miles (Mini 10K)
  • Week of June 16th: 3 miles
  •            June – 9.2 miles so far

That’s 42.5 miles in 8 weeks, average of 5 miles a week, though I had a whole 3 straight weeks of zero. 

What happened!

In three days you feel the difference, physically and mentally:

  • There is no more tone in your legs and your skin feels different. It’s disgusting (how do non-runners live like that??)
  • Everything makes you tired
  • You’re confused about food, it’s NOT fuel anymore
  • More confused: do I care about everyone on my facebook feed talking running?? I don’t. I really do not.
  • Even more confused: What do I do with all this free time not thinking about running? Am I a traitor? WHO am I??? Where am I going???

After a few weeks of completely giving up, which is what I did, you bounce back to a new normal:

  • I stayed the same weight. how? well, it turns out that once the runger was gone, I had not many reasons to overeat.
  • Also, I used to eat something before and after every run, once those snacks were gone, you get rid of some calories!
  • Your body becomes a bit more stable, you’re not tired (from runs) and hyper energized (from runs): you’re in a constant lull of the same flubby thing (blah!)
  • You find other things to do. There’s soooo many other things to do. Like watch a ton of soccer for example!
  • You’re happy you don’t have to wash your hair so often
  • You really don’t care about anything running related. And wonder why you ever run: It’s soooo strenuous!
  • I have zero muscle left, everything makes me tired. Somehow I still have the same weight.
  • After not having a period for, like, 10 years, I got it every other week for those two months!!!
  • You realize you need some other sort of exercise. I don’t like anything else but started walking a lot more (also, I had visitors so I had to walk them everywhere!)

I am sort of in a balanced state where I don’t hate it anymore, and miss it a bit and wish I could get back in a routine but it feels hard but I want to. I miss being outdoors. Stay tuned. Seems like things are starting to turn back… 😉 I run yesterday AND today…!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “What happens (FAST) when don’t run for days/weeks

  1. Except for a couple of very short (less than a mile) test runs and one half-marathon that I mostly walked (over 3 1/2 hours) with friends, I’m going on 5 weeks of not running. All of the above happened (and more, like completely skipping my period) and I HATE it. I feel lethargic and awful. (Injured, btw, so this isn’t by choice).
    Like you, though, I’m managing to stay at about the same weight because I don’t feel like eating. At all. :/ At least that’s nice, right? And unlike you, I still care about everything running-related but it really hurts facing all the reminders everywhere.
    Two days in a row is GOOD! I’ll stay tuned.


  2. Solo at that point now after May 25’s Boston Run To Remember Half. In a month ran only 3x for a total of 10 miles.
    Maybe today! But then again, I have been saying it every day since the half! Lol


      • I agree. Two bad experiences (pain) with last two half marathons in 13 months definitely has taken its toll on me psychology.
        So right now I hike, kayak etc. If I run, it is forced, not far, and not “fun.” Oh and blog, read RW and get/give support on “The Loop!”
        So thank you fellow Loopsters for your support!


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