And… we’re BACK!

I guess I hadn’t told many of you so when people see me running and they haven’t seen me in weeks or months, they are perplexed: “you’re running now?“.

I am. It all started back again, out of nowhere, with July, and I’ve been doing around 25 miles a week consistently, even some enthusiastic speedwork. Slow, and frustrating, yes, but back on the horse. Mid-July I made myself a NYC Marathon training, program, the exact same one I’ve been using for all my NYC Marathons, since my first in 2008, I know it works for me, and so far so good.

2014-07-28 17.16.55

Mind you, that plan, where I am mostly hitting all the workouts, says I can do a marathon in 3:32, which would not be a PR but a bit better that the miserable Boston race I did (untrained!!) at 3:49! A 3:32 marathon translates into a 3:37 in NYCM.

I am so excited about the speedwork though, that I somehow convinced Daphne and Kettia to move this week’s tempo to today. And instead of the prescribed 8:03 pace we did: 8:03 (nailed it), 8:09 (still yeah!), 7:44, and 7:32. Plus, these were on hills and dirt, so you can safely take at least 10 seconds off of each.

workoutFinishing Speedwork Feels good.

Feels really good to be able to feel the come back.

It’s not easy. I don’t always still have the motivation. But having good friends with me just make it A LOT easier. Daphne should start getting paid to pace, she’s a natural rabbit. No matter what sort of run it is, she’s ALWAYS keeping it honest. It’s exactly what I needed. Kettia tends to push my buttons pace too, but as neither of us are 100% committed I sometimes convince her to back off, boo me.

It’s going well. I did 12 last weekend, my longest in a long time, and it felt like I was doing 20, during and the whole day after. I was so exhausted. Not sore or in pain but overall tired. 14 this weekend… and on and on hopefully. Good thing is, it’s Summer Streets already, which has me so excited!!! Everyone I know is doing Team Champs so I’ll have to find someone to run with (anyone? 14 miles at 9:30 pace? I promise I’ll chat so much you won’t even notice the miles!) but things are moving. And I am already over 100 miles this month, that is the first time this year!!!!! Yeah, I’ve been quite lame with the running for a WHOLE YEAR. That included two marathons (plus a million medical things!) but that just proves you that anyone can finish a marathon!

My big lesson is that it’s all in your head. In the good times, and in the bad times.

16 thoughts on “And… we’re BACK!

  1. i think i’m lagging a few weeks behind you with the loss of mojo & the return of mojo. and i start my smart coach training plan next monday. glad you’re back!!!


    • yeah? I didn’t create the plan until I was sure I wanted to have that structure or that I could handle it, I think it’s important to not pressure yourself. For example, there’s a race this weekend everyone I know is doing, and I have no one to run with, so I am tempted to just sign up, but I know I am not ready to force a race yet… just give yourself some time if you need it.


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