this, so you STOP worrying about Sunday’s weather forecast for the NYC Marathon:

“faster runners, who generate more heat, benefited from cooler temps, with the top one percent (green line below) peaking at 38.9°F. Midpackers (red line) do best in the mid-40s.”

full article, and some science and charts, here.

I agree. I love 37 to 47 as a range based on the distance. If there’s a chilly wind, we’ll just add a layer, trust me, you’ll be FINE. And you’ll run FASTER

1- because you don’t get as tired when it’s cold(er) than when it’s hot(ter).

2- to warm up

and who knows, maybe the wind will be on your back! Ummmm, hot chocolate afterwards! Of course after that macintosh apple we get at the finish, the most delicious treat I look forward to for 365 days!

Also, it’s only Tuesday, it can change so MUCH from here to Sunday. Don’t think about it until Saturday!

11 thoughts on “this, so you STOP worrying about Sunday’s weather forecast for the NYC Marathon:

  1. I’m living the weather right now in Colorado. Cool, crisp air. Cold front blew through last night with a bit of snow (but that’s just because it’s CO). Early this morning temps in the high 30’s but quickly moved to the 40’s when the sun came up, topping off at 51, with a small breeze all day. If this is our race day, I may wear capri’s and an extra layer on top. PERFECT running weather! 🙂
    My worry is will my feet will get wet waiting around at the start? Bags or extra shoes?

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    • 1. They can’t possibly know that for sure yet. they usually get it wrong.
      2. Even if we end up getting that sort of wind there’s no way they can predict in which direction it will be going it now.
      3. We had major winds last year too. Oh well. Marathons are not supposed to be easy, in any front. The point is to persevere.
      4. If you were looking for a fast race, New York City is not it.


  2. Some of us had goals to run a good time notwithstanding the fact that NYC is not a fast course and have been training like crazy to meet those goals. 25mph headwinds put a serious damper on those plans. Thanks for telling me I shouldn’t worry about the forecast though! I’m sure all the other hobby joggers reading your blog will agree with you.


    • Trust me: it makes no sense to worry now, because every time I’ve done a marathon, the weather reports even 2 or 3 days before didn’t predict anything right (check this article in RunnersWorld, from 2 days ago predicting perfect weather! Actually, that’s a great idea for a post: to track the weather 10 days out before ANY marathon, and you’ll see how most of the times, you will be stressing for nothing. After my first 2 marathons, I learned the lesson. It might, but it also might not.
      Now, let’s assume they get it perfectly right and it’s the “25 MPH winds” you’re scared about. What can you do about it????? Nothing. so. why stress and ruin your race week? really. you’ll just add a layer, but there’s not much else you can do.
      Also, CHECK EVERY NYCM for the last 5 years (minus Sandy obvs), they keep record of the weather on the site, there’s always wind. always.

      PS: if you think calling someone a “hobby jogger” is an insult, check yourself. I doubt the elites are freaking out like you about the wind and also, it’ll surely NOT affect their pace more than a few seconds per mile (under 10 seconds for sure).
      I still hope you have a GREAT race, hit your goals, and you’ll see, any weather is better than the Sandy that got the marathon canceled 😉


  3. Thanks for this! I’m running NYC on Sunday too, and in this weather I really struggle with what to wear on the bottom–shorts, capris, or tights? I’d better figure it out soon!

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