#TCSNYCMarathon DONE! @nycmarathon

Thank you everybody who came out to cheer. I know it was really cold and windy for you. You’re my heroes. The crowds were thinner than usual but was still a lot of fun. I really had a lot of fun miles today on the course. So so happy to be out there. The wind was not a factor other than in the Verrazano Bridge or in the Queensboro: it felt like a frigging tornado, but other than that it was fine. The weather was perfect, I had so much fun. I ended up with an unofficial 3:48 which is not too far from that disastrous untrained 3:49 last year. So I might stop training altogether from now on because it’s only one minute difference. I really did have a lot of fun and was so relaxed. I got to see a lot of people and kiss a lot of people and have so much fun on the course today. I’m quite happy with how today went, it really went way too fast. Waaaaay too fast. Thank you for coming to cheer more soon but for now I leaveyou with a happy thank you sore kiss!!

5 thoughts on “#TCSNYCMarathon DONE! @nycmarathon

  1. Congrats on another NYCM – you sound a lot happier after the race this year than last, so the training was good for something. (Plus you know the wind had to have slowed you down some)

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