Patanella’s Green Brook Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. A double first!!!

OMG. This 5K was such a blast and one of the funnest things I have done in a while.
Given I had run the marathon 3 1/2 weeks ago and a 4 mile race in Central Park this Sunday I wasn’t expecting much other than to burn a few calories pre-turkey.
On Wednesday we got to my aunt’s house in New Jersey at around 2 PM and it had been snowing all day. There was ice and a lot of slush all over the streets and I was a little bit worried about the streets’ condition for Thursday morning. At around 6 PM we went to the Green Brook middle school to pick up our bin pack which had our number and a timing bracelet, plus a shirt and a plastic water bottle. It was so exciting to have a race that was three blocks away! There was no baggage but the race organizer said we could leave our coats in the gymnasium where everything was being hosted and it would be fine!
We went back to my aunt’s, had a ton of milanesas and many other deliciousnesses and probably gained 7 pounds by Wed night. Always worth it. Tots.
Thursday morning we got up at seven, by 7:50 we left, and at 7:57 we were at the start, which was a line on the floor. Loved it.
We hear GO and everybody around us sprints for their lives, including Juan. I was like “WTF!” and tried to sit on my pace. I had done a four miler four days ago so I assumed I would be around 7:20 pace. For a 5K it’s almost impossible (and stupid) to start slow because of your 7 seconds of ATP you gotta use up, so you have a fast first mile then less fast 1.5 miles, and then you go superhard sprint crazy mode for the last half mile. I went out at 7:01. Felt it was too fast. AS USUAL. Always think I start to fast, get scared, but then it was fine. After. Right then I questioned myself as usual. We went by my cousin’s house and she was there waiting with my second cousin and then we went by my aunt’s and she was there also screaming. It was really fun.
I saw a couple of women around me but none of them looked like they were my age. They all looked really young. I started pacing with a couple of people but it was really strung out by mile 2. My mile two was on the slow side at 7:21, perfect. Not going to lie, I was suffering a lot by then. But, 5ks are short so soon enough we were doing this little turnaround where I saw a few of the people ahead of me not more than 50 and Mile 3 clocked at 7:08. I see the finish is less than 200 m away, I sprint for my life, and the last bit was run at 6:17 pace. Woooot. Official finish time was 22:10. Not a PR by a minute but I am getting back up there sloooowly!!!
And then the party began. I found Juan, we headed inside the gym, and there was a feast of bagels, brownies, candy and whatever else you can think off!!!
Then we had this big party in the gymnasium where they held a hula-hoop competition, then they did a sit up competition, and push-ups competition!! Everyone was participating. Then they did the awards and Juan and I both were first in our age groups. I also checked the results and it turned out I was eight of all the women and all seven of the women before me where 15 to 22 years old. Wow. Very exciting. They gave us these trophies that are bobble heads and we are completely obsessed with them. So freaking cute! I was overall very happy I participated, the weather turned out to be perfect, the streets were in perfect condition after the snow the day before, the race was low-key and very were organized, and the prerace party was ridiculously perfect. I love these smaller races so much, I would move out of New York just for these (though not just yet!). Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

11 thoughts on “Patanella’s Green Brook Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. A double first!!!

  1. Yeah, you should come over here to NJ more often and race with me! I can recommend the best local races! Anyway congrats to both of you on the AG wins. Sounds like you had a ton of fun, and who could ask for a better race 3 blocks away!


  2. My name is Dan and I am the Delegate for the Green Brook PBA Local #398, Thank you so much for the great review of our race!! We put a lot of hard work into making this event special. Joe Patanella, Mark Kinney, and everyone from Green Brook Racing do a great job!!!


    • Yes you do.!!! Thank you so much for everything you did! we had a fantastic time and would love to do wore off your racist. We will keep checking the website so we can make sure we know what’s coming up. Great job. Congratulations!


  3. Nice job with the AG win, Liz! Great splits and finish time too. That race looks seriously awesome. I love the cotton shirt- I’d take that over a tech tee any day. The bobble head prizes are amazing. Your nails look great. You and Juan are the best. 🙂


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