and… we run 10 miles in the #snowstorm this morning

Juan got back from swimming around 6am and told me it had just stopped raining and started snowing. If I wanted to run today, at all, I had to leave in 5 minutes… So Daphne and I scrambled and rushed out!
We managed to do 10 (slow) miles in constant snow and wind. It was wonderful. We run on 1 then 2 inches of fresh snow, like we were running on clouds. It was a bit tiring and slow but sooooo gorgeous and relaxing. ONLY if this was the last snow.
If there’s more snow to come then I will go back to hating this crap!!!!!

13 thoughts on “and… we run 10 miles in the #snowstorm this morning

  1. How do you run in the snow? Do you have to wear special shoes? I’m from Florida and now live in a place with seasons (terrible). Because it’s still the south the roads don’t get plowed they just wait for everything to melt. With 10 inches in my parking lot I’m not sure how to run without it feeling like a sand mountain.


    • No, I didn’t wear anything special, when it’s just snowing, it’s fine, it’s fluffy. you’ll go slow but it’s not that dangerous. I do have yatraxs but I haven’t used them in years, maybe you can try those..


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