Feels good to feel good + 1st race as a MASTER #Scotland10K #ScotlandRun

I had assumed I’d be around 7:20 if all went well, given the 7:36 pace I had at the NYC Half 3 weeks ago. Well, I went out with NO GPS or music again, just to test this thing out. I am ok without the GPS, pacing well has never been an issue for me. But I did miss the music again. I think the music helps me relax and find my rhythm, and I breathe too loud and it’s too annoying even to myself, but anyway: I had a great race. I had no idea how I paced. Though I know my first half mile was around 7:25 (as I run with a team mate, Sean, for a bit) and the rest who knows. Results always speak louder than math, right?
Wow, what a great feeling to go out blind (pace wise) but to have total control of the situation and come up well on the other side. I did 45:32 (EXACTLY 7:20 pace!!). And TENTH ON MY AGE GROUP (68.86%). Still not a PR, but getting really close. Almost two years since my last PR but we’re getting there, little by little. Soon, we’re getting back in there, soon. Apparently this was a great training winter for me… who knew? Looking forward to next week’s Run for the Parks 4 Miler. Fast and Furious! Run ON!
PS: Juan had a great race too!!! Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

scotland10K scotlandrun


9 thoughts on “Feels good to feel good + 1st race as a MASTER #Scotland10K #ScotlandRun

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