Pre #unitednychalf game

No game here, who am I kidding, just packing like a mofo. Vacation starts as soon as I cross the finish line tomorrow so I better leave everything ready and hurry to a PR (as if it was that easy). It kills my organization/packing that I am incapable of making a decision about what to wear during the race until the last minute. I will probably decide the second before I check my bag at the start.😣😣😂 that’s as last minute as it gets!
I had a cold the last three days which made me anxious and upset (and I am sure obnoxious as well!) but all good now: NO EXCUSES!
I dont tend to do well in cold temperatures but I will try my best 😏 I am the happiest when it is 100°. For real. 🤗🤗 (see how I snuck in a liiiiitle excuse!!!) 😝

Now some pictures, because that was the real point of this post but, of course, I got derailed.

Carolina and I picking up our bibs at the expo yesterday. It took us about 6 hours. Rough estimate but not so far off. I probably chatted with the 2000 people there!

Free weird shot! BECAUSE America!

And this happened this morning!!! Aren’t these the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? No worries, see them again and again and again and again.

I hate presents but I am taking this one. Juan (the best husband I ever had -and the only one!) just pulled the trigger; I have soooo many walking sneakers that I reaaally didn’t need a new pair, but I feel in love witg these… Oh well, now back to this

See you on the other side friends!!!

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