Nothing easy about the “easy” week

My average mileage this year has been 35 to 40 miles a week. I wasn’t training for any marathon, just a couple of halfs. 35 might not be much for most of you, but my typical avg over the years has been about 25. I promise. There’s a recap of every year in this blog if you care to check. So it’s a bunch more miles than usual.

Also, I’ve added a lot of cross- training. Yes, maybe not a “lot” to a lot of you. But a LOT to me. Hence, why I’ve been exhausted all the time. If you’ve run with me, or even met me for 1 second, I probably mentioned how tired I was or how old I felt.

Well, I also had not taken a rest week!!!!!!!!

How? I have no idea. In November last year, when we went to Italy for a week, we didn’t pack running shoe (yes, on PURPOSE!) so that was my rest week. That is, if you don’t count walking 10 miles every day!

So, Kettia said I was stoooopid for not taking time off ever. I agreed, of course. I had been trying for weeks. I just found so hard to do it. The weather is awesome. It’s fun to be out. I love coming home drenched in sweat. All that jazz.

But I made the decision. Last week. 3 runs. 15 miles total. Molasses slow.

By Monday, I felt recovered and bored. Tuesday, I was antsy. Wednesday, I felt lazy and slow. Thursday I was feeling cranky, rickety, stiff, and achy. Friday, my muscles were so soft and relaxed that I started noticing other stiff areas and knots that who knew were there. Saturday, I felt like I was 90 years old and could never run a mile again, and two minutes later, I felt I could do a 5 minute mile, over and over all day.

Stopping all activity cold turkey, after so long, felt WEIRD. Like my body jumped in ice cold water, then a sauna. It was super stiff, then too wobbly. 15 miles was too little, yes, but I think it needed the shock.

We got back on the horse today early. HARD. I am sure I’ll be  back to achy in just a few days, but if I am gonna feel like that, I rather get something out of it. Apparently sore and/or stiff is the new normal for me with this load (unless adaptation happens before I break myself). I am looking forward to my workouts-heavy week.

4 thoughts on “Nothing easy about the “easy” week

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