2017 Numbers and Overall Balance

I’ve kept the last few years for comparison purposes… and my comments in Italics. I expect your comments below.
What do YOU think are the wins and fails? what about your wins and fails? What is the most important factor for you? Mileage, PRs, races..??
Total Miles:
2009- 678
2010- 1217
2011- 886
2012- 1241
2013- 1109
2014- 1081
2015- 1237
2016- 1502
— wow. simple: most miles ever. And I just took a few weeks off here and there. awesome. thumbs up
2009- 10 (9 in NYC, 1 in Nashville) 1 marathon, 2 halfs, one 18 miler, one 10k, one 5M, two 4M, one 3 miler and a Mile.
2010- 19 (13 in NYC, 1 in Boston, 1 in Boulder, 2 in NJ, 1 in Philly, and 1 in Buenos Aires)
2011- 12 (10 in NYC, 1 in DC, and 1 in NJ)
2012- 16 (13 in NYC, 1 in PA, 1 in Germany, 1 in Argentina)
2013- 11 (10 in NYC, one in NJ)
2014- 15 (12 in NYC, one in NJ, one in MA, and one in Argentina)
2015- 17 (16 in NYC, one in NJ)
2016- 13 (11 in NYC, two in NJ), 6 were half marathons
2017-20 (all in NYC, 4 halfs, 1 full,5 5Ks!)
— Interesting. If asked I would have said I didn’t race that much… but seems like I raced the most ever. thumbs up
2009- Six! (Out of 10 races)
2010- Thirteen! (Out of 19 races)
2011- Six + 1 automatic one (Out of 12 races)
2012- Three (marathon, 5K, mile) + 1 automatic (out of 16 races)
2013- Three (half mary, 4 miler, and 10K)
2014- ZERO!
2015- ONE – at the NYRR Hope and Possibility 5 Miler in June. I also came first woman in a 5K, but no PR there.
2016- ONE! at the United NYC Half.
2017-NONE. (one automatic, for a new distance, but.. whatever)
— a little sad about this as I trained a lot this year. Had lots of speedwork and long runs and I was so far off. I was a few seconds away in about 5 races, the rest were a bit slower than my PRs. thumbs down.
Highest Age Grading:
2009- 60%
2010- 69%
2011- 68.5%
2012- 71:29%
2013- 70.23%
2013- 70.20%
2015- 72.28%
2016- 72.68%
2017- 71.06%
— crap. thumbs down.
2009- 2 — retrocalcaneal bursitis (5 months out), piriformis syndrome (10 weeks out)
2010- ITBS (three weeks out right before the Boston Marahton!)
2011- broken shoulder, 2 broken ribs, torn rotator cuff (2 weeks before NYCM!)
2012- NOT ONE!
2014- just my will to run…?!?! So, yey, good!?!?!
2015- a little adductor strain. It took a few months to diagnose it, but didn’t stop me from running.
2016- NOPE
2017- NOPE
—most mileage ever and no injuries? #winning! thumbs up
Races Cancelled or DNFed:
2009- none
2010- One DNF, a 50K where I fell twice.
2011- Chicago, DNS because of 2 stress fractures.
2012- ONE DNS (snow storm!), plus the NYC Marathon cancellation.
2013- none
2014- none
2015- Did the France Run without bib chip as I didn’t want to race it and skipped the Newport Half because wasn’t sure what was happening with my leg…
2016- One DNS: Philly Marathon
2017- Many. 
—Skipped many because of work, but that doesn’t really count…! I also had about 2 or 3 that I remember not doing (like the NYRR Retro 4 Miler or the NB 5th Avenue Mile because my stomach was in really bad shape. nothing serious. thumbs up
Highest/Average Weekly Mileage:
2009- Highest: 40. Average: 13
2010- Highest: 40. Average: 23
2011- Highest: 36. Average: 17
2012- Highest: 40. Average: 25
2013- Highest: 43. Average 21.
2014- Highest: 43. Average 20.
2015- Highest: 40. Average 23.6
2016- Highest: 50. Average 28.8 most!
2017-Highest: 49. Average: 29.4!
—fabo! thumbs up
2009- One (NYC). PR: 3:45:22
2010- Two (NYC and Boston). PR: 3:42:33
2011- Two (National and NYC). PR: 3:37:57. DNS in Chicago for injury.
2012- One (Berlin). PR: 3:27:44
2013- One (NYC). A MegaMESS
2014- Two (Boston and NYC).
2015- NONE. isn’t that insane?
2016- No thanks.
2017-One. Mohawk Hudson River Marathon.
— I tried, I remembered why I stopped running marathons. Not for me. Thanks. thumbs up I guess because I did it. I guess?
Half Marathons:
2009- Two. PR was 1:45:55
2010- Six. PR is 1:42:47
2011- Two. No PR.
2012- Two. No PR. (though there was an unofficial half marathon PR in the second half of the Berlin marathon)
2013- Three. A 1:37:35 PR and two I did for training (1:45 and 1:42).
2014: FOUR! NYC Half, Brooklyn, Gretes’ Great Gallop and Staten Island. Not ONE PR!
2015- Three raced, one Paced. NYC Half, Brooklyn, More (pacing the 1:45 group) and Staten Island
2016- SIX. the most!
2017-Four. Raced only two of those.
— One about a minute and a half from a PR, the other one was not great. One for fun and one as a Pacer. Not sure about qualifying this one either!
If you look at the numbers up there, you’d think it was bad year. I get it. I actually got shocked putting this together because… numbers don’t show the whole story. I had fun this year. I really did. I run with so many friends, groups, in different places, races I had not done before… in hindsight, it feels like it was a fun year and that I shouldn’t have had great numbers. But I did the most miles ever, so in a way, it shows there. I am not gonna lie, obviously, I am not ready to give up on another PR yet (is this an age thing or what?), I will keep trying but I would be happy with a similar year in 2018. thumbs up
Goals for 2018…? YES: at least ONE dammmmm PR!!!
But, am I willing to do WHATEVER it takes to get it…. mmmmm. we’ll see.
What was your biggest accomplishment in 2017? do you have any specific goals for 2018?

6 thoughts on “2017 Numbers and Overall Balance

  1. You’re amazing. I wish I were as organized as you are with all my data. I’m just not anywhere close to being this organized! Cheers to all these many past years of amazingness and to a bad ass 2018 that awaits! 😍


  2. Nice post. I’d say it was a pretty good year for you overall.
    I finished with 1505 miles. 7 races. No PRs but I did set post-35 PRs at 5K, 10K and the Half at age 37. 4 new states (New York, Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana) which takes me up to 32. The New York race was the NYC half.


  3. You are so inspiring! My favorite comment was that you remembered why you stopped running marathons! I just ran NYC Marathon, which was always on my bucket list. I had run 2 prior marathons and both times said I didn’t like running them! I’m much older now and probably weigh more, and was disappointed in my slow marathon. I think I let the disappointment of that and several other factors (last wave, lower level of the bridge, crappy weather) taint the experience of NY I wanted for so many years. Your post reminded me that I run because I like it, I’m grateful that I can run and I need to keep it fun. Thank you.


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