Hey 2020! January Recap

January was like a dream. Awesome and gone too soon. To tell you the truth, I have no idea what happened before my amazing 2 weeks and 3 days in Buenos Aires, so let me go look it up, I really can’t remember.

Well, turns out, maybe nothing interesting happened in those 10 days because all I have left if my phone are pictures of my niece… she is really cute. Who knows what had happened, also, who cares?

According to my log, I run. And I remember that on the day that I was leaving it was like 70 degrees (in January, yes, a huge shocker) so YEY for garmin global warming! Ah, yeah, speaking of that, I got a new running watch, the garmin venu, pretty cute and awesome. It was a liiiitle sensitive topic for a bit because it was a gift from my husband, and I HATE gifts… so as much as didn’t want it, I also didn’t want to be an a**hole, so I kept it. And I ended up liking it… I am crazy, I KNOW. He also knows.

So, best part… OMG I RUN EVERYWHERE IN BUENOS AIRES and it was THE BEST. I wonder if I should put together a separate post, because I am sure enough ppl will fall on it, but I am lazy so I won’t. Here is a recap: it was so amazing. OK, maybe I will put a separate post together cause I am too lazy to write it all here… I can’t win.

The other thing that happened that I am now remembering is that my cutesy-hubsy starting running with me and my group. Given he has fallen off the training wagon and is in VERY poor shape, he can run at our pace. Good????? well, I love it. Also loved having him around for all those amazing runs in Argentina… 



Small Recap

  • Total Miles: 186… I always end up with decent mileage in January in general… not sure why.
  • Downs: NONE
  • Ups: running on vacation AND running with my husband.
  • Balance: OMG Fucking AWESOME!!! Bring it on, 2020!

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