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Get “the terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances” by the Oatmeal

OMG, thanks Juan for preordering this book when it was announced!! We got it last week but he wanted both of us to read it together… Yesterday night, we were supposed to go to the 92Y for a talk with Brandon from Humans of New York (the most amazing site if you don’t know it!) and we picked up our tickets as people were LEAVING… we decided to head home and sit together and read the book. We did it out loud (who does that??), laughed a lot, and in an hour we were done! Just like a loop of the park!

A lot of his comics are online, here, so click and get ready to chuckle. If you don’t feel like chuckling… well, then… just relax and enjoy it. I say it makes a great gift!!!!


IMG_5024 IMG_5023 IMG_5022

It has this series at the end (that’s why that last picture has a #4 on it) on how to get started on running, so I think this book could work well for your family/friends even if they’re not runners… wink, wink.