Six Months of *&#^%@#*!

It’s been over 6 months since I haven’t been able to get back on my training routine. It seems like I should have kicked it by now, as my injury is nothing major, but I go between backing off/being overly careful to start training/getting excited/wanting to make up for lost time. You say, what about moderation and balance? I say –what???

Anyway, last thing I got was/is a retrocalcaneal bursitis, not too painful but decided to go convential on it, and try to be nice and give it a chance to back off: 10 days of antiinflamatories, rest and stretching. I’ll be out Saturday trying to see how that worked out. Fingers crossed.

I am seeing now all this was bound to happen. I’ve lost all my conditioning and my muscle, I also tried a new running posture and added orthotics to a new stride: my body is just trying to make up for all the adjustment, all at once. On top of it, I forgot to adjust my head. After a few months off, I really should not have been expecting to be able to go and do the same things I was doing before. And every time I start again and fail I need to back off a bit further.

I am really dissapointed. Last year I did a very intense 5-month training for the NYC marathon, and I had been running and racing all year in preparation for that training. I wanted to start earlier this year and work on speed way before the formal training started. Not only I am wasting precious weeks but I am actually slower and slower.

But I have a plan, and it’s in writing, and in pen. Hopefully, this one will be the last start: slowly and stable; and my way back to feeling like a runner, again, at last.

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