Got Oxygen? (My trip to CO)

I am back! Colorado was SO much fun!

I went there to visit my friend F who moved to Denver over a year ago and to do the Bolder Boulder 10K (a 10k with 50 thousand people… can you imagine??).

When I asked my cardiologist last year about visiting/running there, he said no… so I was a little worried about how the altitude would play with my heart. But, somehow, I had no problems, nothing, even when we got to the top of Pikes Peak, a fourteener (14,115 feet) in the front range of the Rocky Mountains, which was obviously, gorgeous! You can see a picture of it from our drive there.

That's where we're going... or one of those!You can drive your car up the mountain, or take the cog railroad operating from Manitou Springs, a gorgeous town with a couple of surprises!

A Runaway Truck Ramp... ever seen one of those??? DSCN8715

So, this is the train you hop on to get to the top of the Pikes Peak, making a turn into nothingness…


I saw this and thought of the Leadville Trail 100 race! I had to get a picture!

Like the race!

Oh, I saw people running there!! I wanted to jump out of the train and follow them! And… I learned there’s a marathon up the mountain… I might have to think this one a bit with that altitude, it might be “hard”… These are a couple of pictures I got from the train ride.

DSCN8849 DSCN8851 DSCN8852 DSCN8812 DSCN8822 DSCN8826 DSCN8830 DSCN8831 DSCN8834 DSCN8837 DSCN8838 DSCN8839 DSCN8843 DSCN8845

And these are taken when at the top, with a bit of temperature change!
how cute is he? I  jump! DSCN8862 DSCN8863 DSCN8865 DSCN8869 DSCN8872 DSCN8873 DSCN8875 DSCN8893

We also visited the Garden of the Gods, a public park with horizontal sandstones formations. You can rock climb, hike, and why not, run there!

DSCN8924 DSCN8927 Garden of the Gods is a park with red vertical rock formations DSCN8919 DSCN8921

We also went to Frisco, a gorgeous town at 9 thousand feet elevation with sailboats. 

DSCN8730 DSCN8720 DSCN8722 DSCN8725 DSCN8726

And here’s a why we went there: a delicious pulled pork sandwich! And you thought it was for the views, puh-lease… 😉


Another place we visited: Red Rocks, a park with large red (duh!) sandstones that holds an amphitheatre. See the amphitheatre there?

DSCN8749 Red Rocks. See the amphiteatre right there?

Amazing place… but there was a concert going on so the only way to get up there was to hike up this dusty trail… I am not sure if you can see how uphill this was in the picture….

DSCN8745 I had never seen anything so steep and so many people sliding down. It made for a fun story and a few reddish spots!

We did spend time in Denver too, meeting up with friends, eating, and other random stuff…
DSC00784 I did say “random”…. I love cows, usually on my plate (hey I AM Argentinian after all!)but this one wasn’t moving so it was fine too!

DSCN8675 DSCN8676
 My best friend, a blue bear. I was a bit obsessed with it!
DSCN9005 DSCN9006
I had an amazing time, I get why my friend moved there… There’s so many great places to run on and the weather was just fantastic the whole time I was there. This is definitely heaven for the outdoorsy people: you have everything! Water rafting, hiking, rock climbing, trail running, sailing, anything and that weather…. I want to go back right now!


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