If you are having a bad day…

Take yourself for a nice walk. Or go into the closet, and scream.
Go for a run and pound the pavement. Or stop moving and relax.
Take out your old beaten-up, super-comfortable pair of running shoes. Or break out the shiny, brand-new, and crisp ones.
Find one fun thing to do. Or take a nap and forget about it all.
Grab some five inch stilettos and walk fiercely. Or just give your feet a rest already.
Text him/her and make things clear. Or unfriend-delete-block them; get a restraining order if necessary.
Call your friend to chat. Or get off the grid.
Smile at a stranger. Or yell at the taxi cab driver. Why not?

My grandpa used to say “If you kick every pebble, you’re gonna end up ruinning your shoes“. Sometimes it is just not worth it.

Don’t sit and wait for your day to get better. Go and do something.
Turn it around. Make it happen.

Buy a crazy nail polish. Or a neon-brite tie. Or a tiara. And big fake teeth. Put them on. Walk around.
Get a drink. Or a few spoonfuls of Nutella. Hug a kid. Get (him or) yourself a balloon, or a cupcake.
Jump on your bed. Look at old pictures. Buy yourself flowers. Take a long warm bath; with candles and a lemonade/cookies.
Go find a butterfly and chase it. Sit on the ground, get dirty. Do something stupid. Laugh about it.

What do you do you to turn your day around?

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