Juggling (oh, ok, Multitasking!)

Some scientists from the Institute for Work and Health blah blah in Berlin determined this week that multitasking can lead to poor performance in the workplace. Well, I can’t say I agree as much as I don’t have a choice! I am usually doing a billion things a second at work, and after some time, you really get the hang of it and it makes it all way more efficient. If I had to do just one thing at a time, I’d probably go mental.

Want to know who I do the multitasking when not at work? Well…
Multitasking –at Home
There’s two versions of me at home:
-1. A maniac. I am not home enough, so when I get there I always have a lot to do. I run around the apartment like a loonie.
-2. I am asleep.
So, when I am home, and awake, I have a lot of things to take care of, and my multitasking comes alive.
I suck at it at home. One example:
MsRitz tries to make toast (not even cooking!!!!) while takes care of other stuff
Option A- I set the bread, on high, I go about my business, totally forget about it: now it’s BURNED. FAIL.
Option B- I set the bread, on low, I go about my business, and then two days later I find the half toasted bread still in the toaster. FAIL. See?
Multitasking –in the Run
I’ve gotten very good at periodization so every run has a purpose: speed, hills, long, easy, recovery, race, short intervals/hills, long intervals/hills, yada yada. I never just go out with no plan. Never. (Of course I usually also change it halfway through the run!). 
Now, on a deeper level, they have an “emotional” theme (see, there’s the multitasking!!):
-Escapism: I need to forget about “stuff”
-Process: I need to think and digest “stuff”
-Decison Making: I need to choose/make a determination on “stuff” (I have mastered the “will not worry about this now, I will think about it in my next run” system)
-Share: I need to catch up with “whoever”
-Unshare: I need some alone time!
-Enjoy: I am going to just relax and feel the sun and enjoy these songs (that’s the so called “glorious run”, usually in the sundown by the Hudson with the perfect soundtrack)
-Revisit/Destination Run: I can’t wait to be back on the trails, on the Westide Highway, over the GWB bridge, in Park Avenue, to see the autumn trees…
Obviously the last two are my favorites and I really like that a run has a double purpose for me: physical and emotional. WIN!! Most times I get it done, other times… well… it’s really ok if I don’t.
No matter what, I need a better toaster with different settings, with a loud alarm, in case I fall asleep.
Multitasking on a run: posing & racing.
blog post photo
I also do the sprint to the finish line while remembering to stop the watch when I cross it. I am super talented! 

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