Can’t Walk: :$”@!!!! F”_$^*!%^&@ H_#> #*@(]_#

My piriformis had been bothering me a bit the last two days with all the running I did this weekend.
I decided I needed some serious stretching yesterday.
A few hours later, very late, I called my sister in Argentina.
My sis: Hola
Me: It’s me!
My sis: What happened??
Me: My leg, I can’t walk!!!
My sis: What did you do?
Me: Well, my piriformis was hurting so I was stretching a lot and then my leg went numb and it’s been 40 minutes and I am FREAKING OUT!! It’s all numb from the knee down and it doesn’t go away!!!!
My sis: You probably messed up a nerve. Just take a muscle relaxant and go to sleep!
Me: I don’t have any muscle relaxants! Why would I?? I’ll just go to sleep, but I was scared I’d wake up tomorrow and my leg would be all dead and blue and they’d have to chop it off!!
My sis: No, you just probably did too much, and messed up a nerve, it’ll go away.
Me: I did do too much, I went to town on it. I sat on that tennis ball for a long long time.
My sis: Shocker…
Me: Ok, I’ll relax and go to sleep. If my leg needs chopping off tomorrow, it’s your fault.
I was so upset, I fell asleep with my contacts still on! (I’ve been taking my contacts off every night for 20 years!). I had all kinds of nightmares and it was weird to wake up and be able to see, WOW, oh, but I can’t even flex my toes, $#^**@##$%%^&^!!!
This morning I am starting to feel my knee, but my calf and foot are still numb. I just hope I didn’t do any permanent damage. I was supposed to have a track meet tomorrow, my first ever, who knows now (and I had signed up for the mile, the 3200 and 800s!)… I am so so so so mad at myself!!!!!!!! Where’s my horse!!!??? I feel really really stooopid right now.

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