I just signed for my FIRST ULTRA/FIRST TRAIL Race, and it’s next week!!!

And it’s also 3 weeks before NYCM.
Crazy?? You betcha!

It all happened so fast… I was running in the park last night

SIDEBAR: Amazing run. I swear these new Asics DS Trainers make me 74% faster. Or at least I felt that way. It was a glorious run. I was in the pavement (which I haven’t done in months) in CP, it was completely dark, all felt new and fast. I just felt fantastic (minus the crippled left arm!).  I did some hill repeats on Harlem Hills and for the first time that felt like FUN. Shoes? A+!!

and I see Megan after my hill repeats. We jog back and we are talking runs and races. I said I am doing the Staten Island half this weekend. She said she is doing a 50K next weekend… Hmmm, that’s when we are doing our last long run. It’s a lot more miles but this sounds good too. I say I have to ask Blaise about it. By the time I jogged back home, less than half a mile, I was rushing up the stairs as if I had left something in the oven (which of course, I have NEVER used. It’s full of shoe boxes).

Blaise said “that’s bad ass”, so we are in. I just signed up; it’s the Mountain Madness 50k. 7000′ of elevation change, up and down over the entire 50k…


So here is the skinny…

I am doing a half this weekend.
Then next weekend, the trail 50K (app 31 Miles)….
This is definitely more than the 22 I was supposed to do. Well, more than the marathon! Will it be too much? Will it kill the marathon?
Will the taper be enough to recover? I’d be doing the 50K, then 12M the next weekend, then 8M, then the Marathon. Is that enough taper, or should I back off more??
I have never done anything over 26.2. AAAHHH.
I have never done a trail race. It’ll probably take a lot longer, but how much slower will my pace need to be?

So many questions!!!!! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!!!

Trying to look like the Ultra/Trail racer type…

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