I swear I am not clumsy!!

See? From an early age I was able to balance things (and my dresses are still the same size)…



I’ve lately been asked if I am super clumsy and become that target of a few jokes. Ok, fine, I’ll take it. But it’s not that I a totally uncoordinated clutz! I am more of a mental clutz… I tend to live in my head, like in a Fantasy World, so that’s probably my biggest problem. But it’s not really my fault, everyone is super nice and happy there, so how could I resist it? Oh,  I am also super fast and have the most amazing endurance there too. I really really think I am Wonder Woman. I really do.


True Story (in a TexasRunningFool nature): When I was 6, I was so sure I was Wonder Woman, I would twirl around all the time. This one time, I hit the frame of my bed and hit my eye. When my mom found me I had blood all over my face and she thought I had lost my eyeball!! I had only just cut the eyelid! Since then, I don’t twirl around anymore, but there’s always rocks and treadmills to prove my WonderWomanness!

Boston Madness
Wow, once I saw how crazy registration was yesterday I knew, somehow, that I had made the right decision… Not sure why, but I knew with no doubt that that mess was not for me! 8 hours and three minutes… The Boston Marathon is the new Lady Gaga!
I see changes coming for next year, as it’ll be even worse with all the NYCM and Philly backlog! Tougher qualifying standards? A lottery? An even earlier registration? A bigger field? Two Bostons? One Spring, one Fall (well, I like that idea!) Oh, and you can’t defer anymore…  Well, something is definitely going to change. This is completely nutso!

A bunch of years ago in Boston, when I was a tourist in the US and nobody knew my name…


Can you see I am having a melancholic day? It’s cloudy and fitting. I will reattempt my last longish run tonight with Blaise, in the dark and rain possibly. Exciting! If I fall, you can just shoot me this time.

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