It was a broken rib

Fractured/Cracked, whatever. No wonder breathing was painful. After ignoring the pain for days, my dr confirmed it this morning.

The funny thing is, there is nothing you can do but pain management. He wanted to give me more Vicodin, Ialreadyhaveenoughfrommylastfallthreeweeksagothankyouverymuch! He said all that matters was that I didn’t have a punctured lung (which is what I was worring about last Saturday, my sister had that once, not fun!) and that I would have problems breathing for a bit and then it would go away on its own.
When???? Could it be in less than two weeks? Please? Ah, to be continued…

I went to the track last night to do speedwork with the Dashing Whippets. At the same time I was leaving work, 6 pm on the dot, my workplace was on fire. Tons of cute firemen downstairs with their cute red trucks but I had to rush to the track! A girl’s got her priorities (wrong!).

My mile repeats SUCKED (around 7:30, 10k pace!). I couldn’t keep up with the group and my lungs/ribs felt like they were going to explode. But I got them down, pain and all.  I’m more than frustrated with myself. The 12 miles tomorrow better be good!

Have a great weekend everybody!!

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