Yeah, my costume was this obvious!



 I was pregnant Kara Goucher, along with pregnant Paula Radcliffe! I told you it was super easy!!! This was the first time I dressed up for Halloween so I hope you’re not disappointed!!


Yes, we’re THAT lazy. We were missing the buns, the nike tops, and the phytens, but it was good enough for a “costume” you can put together in 10 minutes or less. Right? And no one got it, but we were so comfortable all night in sneakers that it was totally worth it! Heaven! Now, the fake tummy, super uncomfortable, I really don’t know how women get through a 9-month real pregnancy.

I cut like 4 inches of my hair that morning so I thought the hair was pretty close, and I wore brown eyeliner, lipgloss, and kept it super natural like I think she does. I liked being Kara. I wished for a bit to have her body too. To be fair though, this week I’d take anyone’s body over mine!

A couple more pictures (off with the sling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kara Goucher pregnant halloween costume paula radcliffe

 Whaaaat, you need to be on my plate!!! NOW!!

Kara Goucher pregnant halloween costume paula radcliffe

Could I have made any more penis jokes? I don’t think so.

 Btw, Patricia just run a smoking 3:28 in Chicago, she’s SO becoming Paula! I met her in the Brooklyn half this past May when I decided to chase her, as she was wearing a super cool skort! She’s doing NYC this weekend too… Pretty amazing, right?

The winner(s)?? resilient1 said “You were Kara and the other person was Paula.” but he didn’t think of the pregnant part and Texas Dan nailed it in the head “A pregnant Kara Goucher? With pillow and everything?” but he was second… uh, this is tough! help!!!??!?!??!?!

So, did you dress up for Halloween? What did you go as?

(CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s marathon week?!??!?!?! SO not ready!!!)

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