Empire State Building Run Up: 42 hours to go!!!!

I am sitting down. I am still tired… I was going to do 16-18 miles yesterday but Patricia C joined Blaise and I on the long run so the pace was a bit faster than usual. As I was having a hard time keeping the pace and really wanted to have fresh legs for Tuesday I decided to drop out at 14 miles.

Now… my left foot has been hurting all day, since yesterday. I’ve been icing it a lot, but I am not sure why it hurts… I just hope it goes away soon. I am planning to rest tomorrow too and avoid putting on extra weight that I’d have to carry all those 86 floors. Not running for two days + not a lot of eating is really not fun.

But I am getting donuts as soon as I get up the ESB. I promise. Of course now all I can think about are donuts… ufff.
I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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