National Running Day, a week later

NYRR’s Young Professionals Committee was organizing a fundraising fun run + happy hour for National Running Day. After all the planning was done, all I had to do on T day was help out at the run: I was the 3 lap sweeper!!!  Last wednesday was 90 degrees… I had already done a 5 mile tempo at noon (yes, noon, it’s the best way to acclimate to the heat so shut up!!!) and then 30 minutes of drills. In the sun too. I was done and cooked for the day. But, I was the sweeper. For the 3 laps run. That meant… around 5 more miles! I realize 10 miles in a day is nothing to most people. But for the last 2 weeks I had only been running 3 or 4 miles a day… Anyway, it was such a fun event, we had around 100 people come even in that hot weather! I then escorted a group of runners to a bar in the Upper West Side, had some water, socialized a bit, and run! Literally, it was 9 pm and I run home through the park. That was 3 more miles. Through the park, at night, in the dark. The perfect run, though it was still hot and humid. That was 3 runs in one day. My team was hanging out at another bar, in the Upper East Side, and I made it just in time to say hello and see everyone go. Luckily, I was a block away from home which was perfect because I was ready to pass out!
As you can expect, I am in a few of the official NYRR pictures…  

Here is the link to the Gallery with all the pictures. Hope you had a wonderful Running Day too!!!
Wednesday Updates:

  • 5K in a few hours!!! It’s 94 right now... Watch me die!
  • Christopher McDougall is doing two runs/talks this weekend and I can’t make any of them. Boooo me.
  • On the other hand, I am doing an appreciation lunch with “the world’s fittest man” tomorrow (Chris McCormick?)

National Running Day, a week later

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