Want to see a nuun junkie?

If I could, I’d get an IV with the stuff. Seriously. I don’t go anywhere without a bottle and my life-enhancing tabs.

I first came accross them at the Bear Mountain race, in early May. I got addicted instantly.I already liked pouring flavor in my water, so this was a total revelation!!! The Gatorade powder is too messy to mix, has too much sugar and I am pretty sick of the taste. And there is no way I am buying and carrying bottles of it. E-lyte is fabulous, but boring: sometimes I need a bit of flavor to motivate my summer drinking…Nuun has no sugar. And the taste is super light. And there are like a million flavors. Heaven. Osom Electrolytes Goodness. Oh, oh, and it’s super portable. It’s fizzing tabs. Can you tell I am totally hooked?My apartment looks like a nunn store. I love the tri-berry, and the grape, and the lemon tea, and the strawberry lemonade and the citrus fruit… junkie yeah, so?

Get ready, summer starts on Tuesday at 1:16, so you better be prepared for all this running in the heat. I can’t wait!!!

Want to see a nuun junkie?

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