Achilles Hope & Possibility race: Jon Stewart and a few more!

I’ve written (raved!) about this race before. Here is last year’s post about what the race is all about, and Prince Harry at the race. This year, I was not running it (again!!) but I was there, and ready to report, as usual!
We got the usual handful of celebrities to show up as it happens wherever Toby is. Toby Tanser is the Race Director, you might know him for Shoe4Africa, a wonderful organization he created and directs. He is also a FAB runner! 
To start the race, we had Anthony Edwards and Jon Stewart do great speeches.

I’ve been to the Daily Show taping a few times: a smart man is a very sexy man.

There are lots of great pictures here. Make sure you click and browse through these, mostly if you’re injured and/or frustrated with your running. It will really make a difference in your day, I promise.
I spotted Phil McCarthy (the world record holder for 48 hours running), who had a wonderful race, though apparently we had all spent Saturday night following the WS100 race! I saw Amy Palmiero Winters, oh, and… Armie HammerArmie Hammer in the Park!!!!?!??! I almost stopped breathing. Girls, you know what I mean, right??? There were 2 reasons I watched The Social Network 4 times in a row (also, I was stuck in an 11-hour flight from Argentina!).

Anyway, the race was a blast, as usual. Insanely inspirational, as always. I cheered at a couple of spots with a team mate I run into and then at the finish line. Apparently, I can be quite loud. But that is OSOM, right??? 

Achilles Hope & Possibility race: Jon Stewart and a few more!

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