You are being watched.
You ARE.
I am not talking about the Big Brother kind of way, but something a bit different, a bit less creepy and a lot more on the inspiring side.
You know. You’ve heard it. Just wanted to remind you.

You know that every single time you lace up, you run the streets, or you are out there early with your bib, people are watching you. Your family, your friends, your neigbor, the deli guy, the woman in the crosstown bus, the bus driver, the kids heading to school, the passing cars… You are being watched. If you have kids around, they are DEFINITELY watching your every move.

And they are paying attention. They are following you closely. They are learning. They are getting inspired. They are noticing that there is no special secret to do this. You just put the shoes on and you go, nothing really that special about that.

And maybe one day they will come to he realization that if you can do it, so can they. And they will discover the equalizing power of running. And you know you will have made a huge difference in their lives.

So please don’t forget about running etiquette. We want them to know that we are not crazy people. We are just happy that we get to do this, though sometimes some bad apples might make us look bad.

If you see a pedestrian, a driver, or anyone, smile or wave. They should never think that there is a separation between us and them, so they can also, at some point, see that they can do this too. Make sure you tell them how good you feel, how happy it makes you, and how hard it still is sometimes. But that all the sweat, and the time, and the soreness is worth it. And how it will change their lives too.
Make sure you are kind to every single one of them, and have patience. Don’t push them. They’ll get to it when they get to it. There is no point in forcing someone to do something that should be fun.
I believe that running fixes everything, but they have to get to that point where they are open and ready to bring it into their lives and embrace the changes. Don’t forget that it’s not easy when you start: most of us were physically unprepared and scared. Tell them that that is ok. 
Have them come with you for a very easy run. Start with a walk if necessary, so they’re not overexerting themselves trying to impress you.

Tell them about your finish lines, your biggest accomplishments, the things you’ve seen or gone through, the people you’ve met, the places you’ve travelled to, how much you eat, how many running friends you have, or the bling; and as soon as you detect that spark in their interest, bring them on to our cult.

YOU are all out there doing your part to make this world better. Spread the Fun. Pay it Forward.


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