NCYM2011: Tiny update

Today was fabulous. Car service to the start. VIP Tents. Interviews. Sightings of Bloomberg, Christie Turlington, Mya (?), Mario Lopez, more Carrie Tollefson, some soccer star (?), Ed Norton, Trista (the Bachelorette), etc, etc. Then we had our own start and the RW’s David Willey in our press card… and a bike escort the whole second half! Photo shoots, and interviews post-race…!


This was my SLOWEST marathon ever (unofficial 3:59), including my first (3:51) and the worst. I have to tell you why soon. There’s a backstory. I finished 3rd (out of 5) in the Footlocker Five Boro Challenge, but really, I was quite lucky to even finish. But it was a wonderful day with lots of friends who came to cheer and run with me, and a once in a lifetime opportunity

I am having breakfast with Ed Norton tomorrow and I promise I will tell you all soon about… stuff.

Now.. PHILLY mode ON!

NCYM2011: Tiny update

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