It’s a small Loop-World

How randomly strange is this? Yesterday I commented on a post, and later I got a private message from that blog writer (can’t out the person unless he/she wants to come forward!!)

I believe you use to work at the same place I did at beeeeeeeeeep. beeeeeeeep was my boss. She talked about you a lot.

I replied… then

Haha she always said nice things. As soon as she found out I was a runner she immediately started talking about you. 

It’s a small world.. sooo, watch out what you write..!!??!??!

PS: It’s raining and miserable out. Ergo, I can’t wait to go for a run!!!

PS2: We all know how many amazing people there are in here. But, have to mention, one particular person I know from here rocked me off my chair yesterday. Won’t out that person either (I realize now that this is a very crappy post) but I had to mention it. YOU are OSOM.

It’s a small Loop-World

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