I could give up running forever today

I could.
I’ll need:

– some kind of magical weight control system, as I can’t diet, control what I eat, or any of that crap where I have to eat less or eat better
– some kind of fun event to do every weekend, that I look forward to and get a bit jittery about during the week
– another reason for me to get on an airplane and pack and leave NYC once in a while
– another activity for me to catch up with my friends and see everyone (I don’t drink)
– another reason to wear spandex and fun colors
– another way to sweat disgusting amounts like it just poured on me
– another way to feel like I just won the World Cup, climbed the Everest, and believe I look like Blake Lively in just 40 minutes.
– some fun goals to keep me entertained
that’s all I’ll need. I think.

I could give up running forever today

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