The day I hated Kathrine Switzer

Saturday, I was going to watch the Marathon Olympic Trials with a bunch of NYRR people who were going to be live casting/tweeting the event.
I woke up early, ignored my laptop, my netbook, my ipod, (tv doesn’t even count!), everything, and went for a little run.
Got back, showered, and needed to figure out how cold it’ll be later to decide what to wear, THEN I see it on FB…
I cursed some more. As soon as I got there, some people heard I knew. I kept cursing. They cursed. Of course it’s not really her fault, but @)#!+#_#@)$*&@*(!&#*@#&$!!!!!!!!!!! Then some #$%P_)%_@#)# in Spanish too.
Luckily, I just remembered the names and forgot the order. Still, I kept hoping for Ritz, who was so close, and for Deena, but it really ruined it for me. And for the people around me, who kept trying to figure out if anything that I said was a clue about the results…
Lesson Learned: TRUST NO ONE with your fun.
We watched, screamed, made noise, cried a bit, and cheered. It was surreal to be watching it with people whose coworkers were all out there. Like we had some kind of connection to it, or we had anything to do at all with all of it.
I couldn’t feel any sadder for Ritz, or Deena, but it is what it is. When Shalane sprinted at the end, I almost fell of my seat; she’s a rockstar, so inspiring. 
Still, not inspiring enough to get me to want to run in this nasty cold winter. No. Not even the Marathon Woman herself could curse me out to run when it’s 16. No.
PS: Eventually I gave in and run 3 miles when it got up to 19 degrees. It was horrible.
PS2: I weighed myself after I got dressed for the run: 5 POUNDS of clothes. Five Friking Extra Pounds!
PS3: I do feel good now that it’s over. But I am dreading the next one: my cheeks are still frozen (all four of them.)

The day I hated Kathrine Switzer

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