The Running

has been good this week so I am getting kind of excited, but trying really hard to stay composed and cold… I still have a looooong way to go, but I am hoping this time it takes. I have basically not been training well since July last year and lost a LOT of ground in 6 months.

I barely trained for 5 weeks in October, did the marathon, and got messed up again. I have now been running okish for three weeks and I have vowed to be smart and take it easy. I have no idea how to be smart, but the plan was to not go over 15 or 20 miles per week for a whole month. No long runs. It’s not easy, but I am trying to reeducate myself.

Last Sunday, I had a very satisfactory 8 mile run in Central Park with a friend a lots of snow. 
Hello Park, Missed Me?
This week has been super busy so I only managed 1 run (sad!), but it was good one. I was emailing everyone about it like it was baby pictures. Look, aren’t (my laps) so cute??? The truth is that I never ever do 8 pace, ever. In my easy runs or long runs I go for 9s or 10s, and in the races I used to do 7s. 8s is more like tempo pace for me and super umcofortable, like marathon pace, so I NEVER do it. And I definitely NEVER manage to do 8s on my own. 
Momma couldn’t be prouder!
Thank you old man who hated being chicked. Thank you. Really Thank YOU.
Then yesterday I did another 10 great miles (I had only planned to do 6 to 8… eeek). I joined this NYC 17 Bridges Run for a few miles. It was funny as I was heading out at around 11:20 am I remember saying something like yeah, just a run with the world record holder for the 48 hour run. HA. Surreal moment, but Phil (blogged about him here) is totally osom, and will probably break his own record again this year, and then kill it at the world championships too! So he organized a group run and most of them were running all 17 of NYC bridges for a total of 34 miles, I joined in for 6 but ended with 10 miles and just 3 bridges. I figured I’d pick them up in the Upper East Side (I am so lazy it’s disgusting!), run to the Queensboro and back. MidQueensboro I hear from Deanna (one of NYC’s most amazing ultra runners) that we’re not coming back… hummm, obviously!! What was I thinking?!?!? I obviously didn’t plan or even look at the map. So, a few miles later, I found myself in Queens, with no fuel, no idea how to get back and hoping no one was checking for passports… They were all doing serious mileage so they were prepared with fuel vests and stuff, I had a metrocard AND a credit card. It was a true adventure (where am I? where is my island!?!?) and I wanted to keep going til the finish but… I had to repeat to myself a hundred times to be smart and dropped after 10 miles, right as we got back into town on the Williamsburg bridge (and right after running, pun intended, into Sheryl Crow). Nothing like getting back to running adventures to start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 

The Running

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