One More Year, One More Bloody Fall (&#%$*%&$*[email protected]!!!!)

You know I don’t write about my runs unless there’s something huge, like… running into a president or running with an olympian, or stuff like that.
Saturday’s run was pretty osom. Just like the previous weekend, we went over a bunch of NYC bridges… only this times there were pictures!
Cute, right? HAD to be shared!

Monday, Blaise and I were going to run after work. 
50 degrees in February + 
being destroyed from a busy weekend and little sleep =
me looking forward to my run all frigging day.
I set out a bit before 6 pm, straight from work, run a bit over a mile on Park Avenue, run around Grand Central Terminal, and met up with Blaise like a mile away from Central Park. It was gonna be an easy run, as it was his second run of the day.
Soon we found ourselves on super busy 5th avenue, oh well, we’ll get to the park thru here. It was really crowded, but we were managing fine. Soon we cross paths, a foot, and I am flying onto the pavement on Fifth Avenue. In slow motion. In high def and 3D for all the tourists to enjoy.
Here we go again.
I gotta say, if you are gonna eat pavement, this one is not so bad.
So, I am laying face down on the sidewalk, I am in pain and I hear everybody around me freaking out, talking ambulance, and all that. I want them all to go away and leave me there alone with my pain. But I don’t want to speak up or move or get up or anything.
Eventuall I say I am ok. But I don’t want to move. Ok, I can’t move.
I senses a flashback. I’ve been here before SO many times. I get instantly annoyed at myself.
I want to get up. My right arm hurts. My right cheek really hurts. My hip bone burns. I can’t.
Blaise, can you pick up please?
He knows the drill by now.
I am up. I shoosh everybody away. Please go away. Stop looking. I am annoyed at everyone, but mostly at myself.
We do a body check. Both knees are swollen and bleeding (of course, every time I fall I am never wearing long pants!). My right hip bone is very very swollen and bleeding through my shirt. Stoopid protruding hip bones. This one is really hurting though. My right arm/shoulder hurts too. My right cheek hurts, like I got punched.
We walk the rest of Fifth to the park. I’ll be damned if I let this fall also ruin my run!!!
So, I start running and the hip wound really hurts. The shirt is touching and it stings. So, I pull my short tights down, pretty indecently low low, open my jacket and tuck the shirt under the sports bra. So basically, my pants are down and shirt is up and my whole abdominal area is out!!! I look ridiculous, but nothing was touching the hip so it was okish. Blaise says “those bones really do stick out”. That’s why I always get them so banged up!!!
I think the cold air helped with the swelling knees, but it was all still hurting. Soon the sweat started seeping in the wounds and it stung even more. Blaise started feeling guilty (his foot was the one that tripped me) but just one accident in 3 years since we’ve been running together is really rally not bad at all. And he’s always been there to pick me up all the other times…
I finished my 6 miles, dreaded getting in the shower, got in the shower, ibruprofen, neosporin, and bed. I feel all banged up and it hurts but it’s ok. I’ve gotten pretty good at this. Annoyed, but good.

One More Year, One More Bloody Fall (&#%$*%&$*[email protected]!!!!)

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