Where Eddie Would Have Gone. IF He Was A Runner.

Most of my friends are Runners. And there is a reason. Runners are Fun. They never think twice about lacing up, heading out in the middle of a storm or the night, and get lost or explore new places. They’re not scared to get on adventures, go to weird places and do crazy stuff. Running has brought to so many places that we would consider walking into, and at some point it becomes your personality…

Yes, you can run on a track, or on your street, or your park.. but, there’s a few more non-obvious options and some of us are usually most excited about those!

Why not get yourself in front of the tram?

And rocks and black sand beaches are beautiful… hard to run on, but beautiful!

Ever known of the word “WARNING”??? Me neither…

“DANGER” sounds like an invitation to me!!

Oh, and the things we shouldn’t do… even more appealing!!!

More Sexy Words…!

 Let’s BOOOOOOOOOOOO this one together. Out loud. Come on!

DEVASTATION, HAZARDOUS, ROUGH… not even sure what they’re talking about. Any ideas????

All A-Okay here!

So… I see danger, warning, and caution and I think it’s Fun. Just make sure your run does NOT end up in a hole…

But… as fun as those trails/not-runnable-areas are and as much as I love running in new places.. I like one place the most. Always…  I hope Eddie would like it to.

PS: I’ll be in Boston this weekend (obviously!). Once I figure out when and where, I’ll update you all!

Where Eddie Would Have Gone. IF He Was A Runner.

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