(Shipping up to) Boston!! Who is in???

You know the song, right? If not, it should be on your playlist for this weekend!

I have seen Dean’s post so I expect to see a few of you there! I am coming up Sunday morning as I will be coaching at a Natural Running expo all day tomorrow (should be fun!) in New Jersey. Sunday I have lunch and dinner reservations but I expect to be at the expo around 3. If anyone is there, how is the RW booth, like the last two years at 3 pm? Hope I make it in time! Bring your swimsuit!

After the race, I’ll be meeting up with people at the family reunion area under the M letter. Easy enough, right? Hope to see you all having a wonderful day out there!!!!

I wish you all have an amazing day as I did there. Or BETTER!!!!  

And, just so you’re prepared, I am microwaving an OLD post I did on how to do BAASTIN TAWK, from here:

In my quest to get familiar with the Boston Marathon (which I am signed up for and *might* be running in April), I’ve been lurking in the Boston Marathon Forum… I am still a bit injured and not training,  so I haven’t been quite active, but it seemed like I had to learn a new language before I even got involved…

They talk about the race but also about specific training, and a lot about hill training. Your training run could be a Beast (10 miles), or a 1/2 Beast (5 miles); a 20 miler, obviously, is a Double Beast. If you’re like me, you can RLAG (Run like a Girl) or SAS (Slow as Sh*t). As for run types, it could be GA miles (General Aerobic miles: not a hard run and not a recovery run either) or a Goldilocks: a run that isn’t too fast and isn’t too slow. It’s just right… 

If you’re adventurous and decide to skip the watch, that’s a Country Mike style run. A Zombie run is a morning run that starts at Stupid O’Clock.

Now, if you’re injured and have to cross-train (or if you actually enjoy cross-training!) you could use the Buttmachine (the stairclimber) or the Karimill (treadmill, and you’ll be logging Kari miles). But if you hate them as much as me, then they could fast turn into Bacon Pudding (aka, the repulsive workout).

Your marathon could go well, or it could make you pull a king (having to complete an open air confession during the final stages of a marathon). But these people are tough, and will do anything to avoid a MILF (NOTwhat you’re thinking… it’d be a Marathon you’d like to forget.)

The most important thing, in Boston talk and for the Boston marathon is that you HTFU (Harden the **** up. Or Hurry the **** up).

(Shipping up to) Boston!! Who is in???

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