inspiring stories

I get so many random tweets, it is hard sometimes to know what’s what. I got a link tweet telling me I was an “inspiration”. I didn’t want to, but I clicked and found a great article!

Not possible. Bart Yasso, Fred Lebow, Terri Fox in the same list as me. NO. Who ever wrote this is in some serious runners high. Though I totally appreciate it and THANKS of course!

There are some really good quotes in there. Not gonna lie, the opening phrase

“There are those people who say they can and those people who say they can’t. They are both right.” ~ Author Unknown

followed me around for a few hours. Below is what they wrote about me, not sure where it was taken out of, but I like it. And my name looks right and all. I think it’s from the Women’s Running article.
Check all the stories though, it will get you ready for whatever you’re running this weekend!

And always keep an eye out for whoever needs a bit encouragement! Happy Running Weekend!!!

inspiring stories

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